SOLD MusicMan StingRay 5 HH

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  1. MesoBoogie

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    Sep 15, 2011
    THE most versatile bass I've ever played.

    The five position switch allows for (1) bridge humbucker, (2) outside magnets on bridge and neck humbuckers, (3) bridge and neck humbuckers, (4) inside magnets on bridge and humbuckers, (5) neck humbucker.

    Position 1 gets that great StingRay tone, position 4 gets a nice jazz bass tone and position 5 gets a good p-bass tone. All those different configurations plus a 3 band EQ.

    This bass is in great condition and will come with a Music Man hard shell case.

    I will ship for free within CONUS

    Ahhh yes and the most important part; it weighs slightly over 10lbs.

    No trades please

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  2. MesoBoogie

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    Sep 15, 2011
    I should also mention that the back of this neck is not painted.