TRADED Musicman Stingray HS SLO Special w/matching headstock

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    Here is an absolutely beautiful Stingray HS SLO Special. Silver sparkle paintjob with black pearloid pickguard. I tried, but I can't do the paintjob justice in my photos.

    SLO Special neck is fantastic. 1.5" nut and extremely comfortable. Flamed maple. Matching painted headstock. These SLO necks are the best bass necks I've ever played. If you like Stingray's but prefer a jazz neck, this is the ideal bass for you.

    The Bass is in excellent condition, borderline mint. I can't find any issues or imperfections. Previous owner never gigged with it and kept it in a smoke-free studio. Bass weighs in between 9.8lbs using my digital luggage scale.

    I saw this bass here in TB Classifieds and fell in love. It was everything I was looking for in a Stingray... color, HS Configuration, SLO neck. However, it's just too heavy for me. I thought I could handle it, but I just prefer a 9lbs or under bass these days. It's very disappointing for me, but your chance to own an amazing bass. Comes with Musicman hardshell case.

    Another (lighter) Stingray SLO. Possibly just a normal Stingray.
    American Standard Jazz plus $$$

    Reasonable offers considered.


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