Must see US/Canadian music festivals 09'?

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  1. Hey all,
    Im in need of some help. Im an Australian, and will be travelling through the US and Canada from June onwards (I plan to stay for 6-12 months, work permit pending!). I will be travelling from Los Angeles to Vegas, then upwards past san fran and seattle and to vancouver.
    I hope to catch a music festival or two while Im there, can you guys recommend the really must see good ones. Im talking about 'alternative' music, but I guess that is quite broad. Along the lines of what kinds of bands the big fests like lollapalooza and coachella dish up.

    Secondly, how hard are tickets to get generally. ?

    Thanks heaps for your help,
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    Not sure if you will be in my neck of the woods - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada or if this is your bag for music but at the beginning of July there is a festival here called the Winnipeg Folk festival. Has been going for years. Always well attended and they have some very cool acts. last year Ray Davies played, a couple of years ago Bela and the Flecktones were here. Very diverse music and diverse crowd.