Mustang PJ Bass Pickup Upgrade - Seymour Duncan QP set?

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  1. Hello, I’m new to TB and this is my first post. Hopefully I’m not asking something that has been covered a lot since I tried searching first..

    Anyway, I want to upgrade the pickups on my Mustang PJ bass since they sound like they could use a bit more punch. I saw many mentions of Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders as go-to pups all over the ‘net so I was excited to go out to my local music store and buy some. But when I got home, I thought more about my decision (how foolish, I know) and I looked at more reviews and things I could find online. Seems the SD QPs get an equal amount of love and hate and it worries me a bit since I was just about to install them. Many people report that they sound zingy and clanky, which isn’t really my style since I prefer a warmer punch. I watched some videos and this idea was confirmed somewhat, but I only saw them installed on full scale basses.

    I saw someone mentioned that short scale basses already have a midrange spike because of their size, so maybe it counteracts the negative midrange “scoop” that reportedly happens with the QP’s. I haven’t seen or heard anything about installing the full QP set on a PJ ‘Stang yet, so I wanted to ask if anyone has done it with good results. If so, what are your thoughts about it? Do you have any complaints? Any sound samples you could share? Are they better than the stock pickups?

    I’ve seen some pictures of Mustangs with the precision (neck) QP but not a full set. Is it a good idea or should I try to go back and exchange for something else at the music store?

    Side note: I live in Thailand so a lot of other options are not as easy to obtain, especially for reasonable prices. I’m trying to keep a modest budget for this upgrade.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Zoobiedood

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    Sep 1, 2015
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    I'd say install it (you already bought them). You will have more punch. You will have more mids. You may even really like them.
  3. Ah, I see from your profile pic it looks like you installed some. Did you do a full set or just the P pickup? If you didn’t put in a matching set, what did you choose for the bridge? Many people report that the pair creates noise because they are hot and work differently electrically or something like that. In any case, what has been your experience with the QP pickup(s)?

    Thanks for responding by the way. I discovered a bit more on this after I posted, but I’m hoping maybe I can find some clearer answers from anyone who has experience with the ‘Stang QP combo. Or maybe even some sound samples of finger style playing with some broken-in strings. I’m hoping the “zing” and “clank” is mostly the result of high tone settings and new strings.
  4. Zoobiedood

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    Sep 1, 2015
    Writer/Ambassador/Artist/Resident Bass Expert for Seymour Duncan
    I installed a pair, otherwise it is difficult to find a bridge pickup that can balance w/ the volume. For a heavier sound, it is wonderful.
  5. Fair enough. I’ll give it a shot. I hope I don’t regret not returning them before I open them but I think my choices are quite limited over here in Thailand.
    Mostly I like funk sounds but I think I’ll give these a shot for awhile and see what they inspire.
    Thanks for the input.
  6. Axstar

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    Jul 8, 2016
    It will be interesting to hear your findings. I stuck a Dimarzio Model P and J set in my PJ Mustang, but that was because I was after a certain sound.
  7. I’m starting to think that’s the pair I want but I haven’t seen them available over here in Thailand. And I think the store I bought the QP’s from has a no return policy unless the product is defective. :l

    Maybe I will put them up on FB marketplace and see what happens.

    Do you have a picture of the DiMarzios installed? Curious to see how that looks. I imagine it looks great.
  8. I decided to resell the QPs and I found a DiMarzio set. Just installed them and I am very pleased! The sound is very crisp but it has that growl I wanted to keep. These pickups seem a lot hotter though, not that it’s a bad thing, just have to dial in my volume and tone settings more carefully than before. I may have to make some adjustments and let my new strings wear in before I can make a definite judgement about everything, but I feel like I’m in love already. No regrets.
  9. Here they are. For some reason, they have the DiMarzio logo in white. I haven’t seen that before so I’m curious about why they are different, if anyone knows..?

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