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  1. I was looking at speakers for my computer one day and saw a pair that were about as thin as a pizza box and as tall and wide as an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. It hit me - "why can't practice amps be this size, for whom space is a premium?"

    Am I being out there or have others wondered this too?

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Well, most computer speakers sound like crap.

    But I use this setup with great results:

    Zoom 9030 used as a preamp goes via line in into my soundcard and the line out is connected to my Kenwood hifi amp.
    My hifi speakers are next to my computer monitor and used for all computer audio.

    Great studio-like sound and easy recording.
  3. From your reply, does this setup require a computer?

    I was thinking of getting just the speaker and altering it MacGyver-style to accomodate some sort of pre-amp.

    BTW, if this sort of rig is possible, what kind of cable would I need?


  4. I've played through just about anything with speakers in it at one time or another. They will make sound.

    So it depends on what you want to practice. If you just need sound to practice some bass lines (and you don't care what it sounds like), almost anything will do.

    However not anything will do if:

    1) You are practicing with the band.
    2) You care about the tone.
    3) You are working on your sound such as:
    a) How should I adjust my amp for this sound?
    b) Will the low E (or B) really rattle like that when I perform?

    If you use some non-bass amp, just be sure to back off if you start to here distortion (either amp or speaker) or you may ruin a speaker.

    Also be aware the if you get some kind of powered speaker, you will probably need some type of pre-amp.