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Muting Techniques

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by God_of_bass, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. I read in a a bass player magazine that Jaco started to really get his act together after picking up a "really funky muting technique" when he was young.
    Any ideas as to what this was, im thinking its right hand related but im not sure..
    Any ideas?
  2. I mute mostly with my right hand.

    I lay my right hand on the bridge. (Something I used to do when I played with a pick.)

    When I want some notes mute, I just move the palm of my hand towards the strings.

    You can control the density, great for getting some thuddier tones. But it's difficult playing a whole song with your right hand muting the strings on the bridge, while the main function of the right hand is picking the strings.

    It's difficult to play fingerstyle like this, but I practiced at it, your hand has not much freedom this way. With a pick it's much easier to play with your hand on the bridge, cause you turn your palm to reach the different strings with your fingers and pick, while your palm can be easily stand ground on the edge of your bridge.

    I hope this helps. Develloping your playing techniques is awesome. Hang in there. Adoring Jaco's playing is a good start and intention.

    EDIT: When playing fingerstyle and using this right hand muting technique I implie, try using your thumb a lot for picking the lowest strings, much like a classical guitar.
    A bassist can learn a lot by picking up a classical (not folk, a nylon one :)) guitar.
  3. I have tried using my third finger on my plucking hand to mute the strings while plucking with my first and second fingers. Could this be it?

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