MXR and power amp

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  1. Hey I read a review on harmony central about the MXR bass DI+ and the guys said he was in a big touring band and used this pedal with just a power amp.

    He seemed to really like how this worked... will it work well???

    hows it gonna sound?
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    Jul 12, 2001
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    MXR DI+ M80 is pretty similar in looks and use to the tech21 sansamp.

    A very nice thread may be found in the effects sections

    MXR M80 Vs Tech21 BADDI
  3. yea i've read that thread!

    My question really is the MXR gonna perform as a dedicated pre amp... I like the MXR for it's switching ability but like the idea of having a "proper" pre in my rack... would it be kinda pointless to have an RBI in my rack along side a power amp aswell as an MXR at my feet??
  4. anybody?