SOLD MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe - p r i c e d r o p!!!

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    Up for sale is my MXR Bass Chorus deluxe. It's got a selectable phaser thingy which is kinda neat and "x-over" which probably does something too. It's useful for the many occasions you'll need a chorus pedal such as:

    -the intro to Don't Stop Believing
    -the verses in Don't Stop Believing
    -the chorus of Don't Stop Believing

    Selling because my band no longer covers Don't Stop Believing.

    No legs on back, replaced with Velcro. Legs available on request.

    Will trade +- cash or straight up for boost, fuzz, envelope, or reverb with same or smaller footprint (2ΒΌ" width).

    $110 (USD) shipped conus, will take Canadian dollars at par for Canadian shipping only.

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