MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe vs EHX Small Clone

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  1. I have had a EHX Small Clone (the original large one) on my board on and off for a while now, and playing in cover bands there is a need for Chorus to faithfully replicate some songs. The small clone just seems to have the right amount of top end and body/shimmer to it's tone. Using the one switch and the rate knob you seems to always be able to find a setting you like.

    The small Clone however does seem to pop from time to time when switch on/off and does have a small amount of noise.

    In order to fix these to minor gripes and save on PB real estate, I picked up a MXR BCD. I like it. It's a solid chorus, but to be honest, I'm not blown away. The rate seems to ramp up from waaay too slow, it is a little noisy with the x over disengaged, but engaged it is really quiet, but seems to lack impact.

    Am I being too picky here? am I just not getting it? Is there something else out there I would be happier with. such as a Bass Clone or an Aguilar Chorus?

    Interested to hear other people thoughts on this comparison.
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    • I've owned the TC Corona, EHX Small Clone Nano, Hartke. The EBS Unichorus blows them all out of the water. True Bypass, silent switching, no loss of low end, easy to use and tons of control.
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