MXR Bass octave deluxe problem

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  1. Recently I have bought this pedal,and I have some problems with it. I play in a drop D tune,and when I play open D string,I dont here a sub octave at all. And also I have noticed that suboctave somehow comes little after the main tone (this pedal makes only possible for both tones to be heard)
  2. crguti


    Feb 14, 2011
    You will hear the suboctave only when playing in the higher strings.
    Other thing, play stronger. The pedal needs to ‘see’ a strong fundamental.
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    Analog octave pedals have a very hard time "hearing" the fundamental tones of anything below the open A string, so anything on the first few frets of the E string will tend to warble and sound bad as it is - going down to D would be even worse. The fact that you hear some latency is surprising, as usually analog pedals don't have that problem.

    Digital octave pedals (like the POG series) will track perfectly, but they do have latency that can be audible.

    I like the compromise offered in the couple digital pedals that sound somewhere between a digital and analog sound. The Boss OC-3 Super Octave in "Poly" mode, for instance, or the Sub'n'Up also in Poly mode (these two also have an 'analog' OC-2 style mode, but they have the glitching and warbling baked into those modes). Or the Digitech Bass Synth Wah in "Octasynth" mode with the synth volume turned all the way down; great octave sound there.
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    What the others said is true, and it's true for other analog octavers you will try. They simply don't track below A very well.

    This is commonly referred to as "warbling". The octaver is having trouble hanging on to the note in order to create the sub, either because the input note is too hot or not hot enough, in my experience. This is where you will read lots of people talk about adjusting your playing technique to get the best tracking out of an octave pedal.
  5. If you're concerned with making your low D track, @Proton Lenny got the Broughton Synth Voice to track even lower than that.
  6. Welcome to analog octaves. They do what they do very well. Which is track high. You’ll probably never get an analog octave to track a low D. Or E. Or even G.
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    I can add to lack of tracking, but with no disrespect why would you want an octave lower than a low D?
    It’s practically inaudible to human ears and can muddy the signal.

    I would say better to play low and octave up, but that is just me, hope you end up ok though