MXR Blowtorch + octave pedal = Heavenly match?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by liveburning274, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Mar 25, 2008
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    I am contemplating this combo:

    MIM Jazz -> JHS Blender loop -> Boss OC-2 or 3 -> Blowtorch -> (possibly a EXH Blogger) -> JHS Blender -> Preamp/compressor -> Amp/PA

    I'm not able to do this to lack of funds at this very moment, but am contemplating the idea of getting a good synthy octave, tying in some the Blowtorches fuzz, but also synthy qualities and seeing if we can't get something really delicious without forking out tons of $$$ on some of the different synth/octavers (i.e. Markbass' unit, which I think is awfully massive animal to really be used to its full potential.)

    I'm shooting for a smooth octave tone with really good synth-like qualities, while also having the freedom for fuzz on the edges of the signal that don't overwhelm it into being a metal fest (though I know the Blowtorch is capable of that).

    My goal is be able to have a blended loop chain of 2-4 different effects that can all play well together and are ready to be blended into my signal. But also act as good solo acts for warming up my signal with their individual goodness but not killing my main tone.

    BUT.... I'd really love other suggestions for improving this idea. I think I'm leaning a MUSE sort of way in the tone I'm going for, but w/o the $15k in off-stage equipment :rollno:. Where you've got really nice whole-range smooth tones from the effects, but can let you bass really sing as the bass that it is. (What we really all love.):smug: I'm also hoping to find out how to create those longs drawn out synth swells (and a good synth pedal to do that). Attention to price is always a factor - $150 and under.

    Any thoughts from the audience?