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MXR EQ Pedal Question

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TOOL460002, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. okay- so- im thinking about getting the mxr 10 band eq pedal without really testing it out- so i have a question for anybody that has used it or any other eq pedal for that matter.

    i want to use the eq pedal to quickly and drastically change my sound- like i have this grand idea that it's going to be a really neat and unique effect to use.

    is this a realistic expectation? i cant say ive heard many bassists use an eq pedal (i think the dude from glassjaw does) so i dont have a lot of sound clips for comparison.

    so- really- my question is- is an eq pedal really a fun pedal to play with? or is it just some pedal to throw in the mix and keep everything even.


  2. Eq will only drastically change your sound, if you drastically eq the pedal different. It's relative to how you adjust. Sometimes eq can be a headache and easy to get lost in, but can make mediocre things sound better. Sounds like for you (depending on your gear) you might keep it on all the time. Basically just like a graphic eq on an amp.
    hope this helps,