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MXR M-80 Parallel output question

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by DonBorelli, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. DonBorelli


    Feb 1, 2009
    Hey Gang

    Have any of you used the MXR-80 as a "proper" signal splitter.

    I see a lot of descriptions where they only mention the parallel output being used to send a signal to a tuner.

    But can it be used to send a nice dry signal to your amp?

    This may be a really dumb question, but I'm a total n00b when it comes to signal splitting.

    I'm thinking about using the MXR-80 to sculpt my P.A. tone and then send an uneffected signal to my amp, so I can work with a nice clean and "unspoiled" sound.
  2. Yes it is directly connected (in parallel) to the input, use that to your amp to bypass the pedals eq. Or use an a/b box after the pedal A=pedal OUTPUT, B=dry PARALLEL out. I love these kinds of DI pedals, they're the swiss army knives of gear.
  3. DonBorelli


    Feb 1, 2009
    Thanks for the reply!

    And I agree - it is a very cool feature.

    I like how the MXR-80 sounds when it's going into my Sansamp Bass Driver. I will use these two units to sculpt my "P.A. tone"....

    The problem is - I think the Sansamp sounds way too scooped when going into most bass amps - since a lot of them have an inherent scoop. And I don't dig the fact that the sound coming out of my cab has an speaker emulation effect.

    Thus, I will send a clean signal from the parallel output to my Xotic Bass BB Preamp (or DOD FX91 overdrive) - they both sound awesome when going into an amp. But they are not really particularly "D.I." friendly. Hopefully, this will leave me with the best of both worlds.