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SOLD MXR M236 Super Badass Variac Fuzz Pedal w/Box Candy

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by tlite, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. tlite


    Aug 18, 2016

    SquareFit_20180424_12072125. SquareFit_20180424_12031438. SquareFit_20180424_12034540. SquareFit_20180424_12042264. SquareFit_20180424_12045456. SquareFit_20180424_12053552. SquareFit_20180424_12055967. SquareFit_20180424_12062074. SquareFit_20180424_12070140. SquareFit_20180424_12073550. SquareFit_20180424_12081226.

    Price includes slow and cheap (but trackable) shipping to continental USA. PayPal or Cash App (by Square) preferred. Trades? Maybe- let me know what you have in mind.

    I bought this after hearing the Anderton's video of a bunch of guitar fuzz pedals on bass and thought this sounded awesome. Admittedly, a spontaneous purchase, and I kind of wound up not really using it.

    Here's the video- linked to where they use the MXR M236 pedal:

    Super versatile fuzz pedal, from slightly crunchy to crazy saturated and feisty when power soaked with the gain up and the variac knob all the way down.

    Amazing synthy sounds when used with bass as well.

    Some paint coming off the line of the Variac knob, minor scuffs. In great shape cosmetically and functionally. See photos.

    MXR Description
    The Super Badass Variac Fuzz is aggressive, biting, and highly versatile, featuring a Variac control to change the pedal's voltage from 5V to 15V for a range of fuzz tones. Go from vintage saggy saturation to wide open transparency with the twist of a knob.

    The Super Badass Variac Fuzz is a dream come true for guitar players chasing vintage fuzz tone. This tasty fuzz is aggressive and biting, and with the twist of a knob, you can drag it into that dying battery territory much prized by tonechasers-no need to manage a collection of half-dead batteries.

    To create the Super Badass Variac Fuzz, the MXR design team dusted off a rare vintage silicon circuit, tuned it up, and added a Variac control so you can set the pedal's voltage anywhere from 5 to 15V. For that wonderful saggy fuzz effect you get as a 9V battery loses its power, just lower the voltage by turning the Variac knob counterclockwise. Increasing the voltage raises the effect's headroom, opening up the fuzz for a more transparent sound at 15V.

    The Super Badass Variac Fuzz's simple interface is rounded out with Tone, Output, and Gain controls, and it all comes in a road-ready housing with true bypass switching.
  2. DDXdesign

    DDXdesign formerly 'jammadave' Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Wash DC metro area
    Dude! it sounds like an MXR version of a Mammoth (in that video anyways)!

    I have a Mastotron sitting here already, else I'd be sorely tempted.
  3. tlite


    Aug 18, 2016
    Cool! I need to check out the Mammoth. When I heard that portion of the video, and saw how much fun the guys in the video were having, I just bought it without further thought. Super fun sounds.

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