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    For sale are two MXR Pedals. MXR Dyna Comp $35+SH, and an MXR BlowTorch $50+SH. Both in excellent condition. Both work perfect with no issues. Always ran both through a OneSpot power supply so battery clips are fine and not broken or corroded. $10 shipping and handling each or if buying both to the same location its just $10. Also have original boxes for both. Only reason for selling is I'm using a ZoomB3 and a built in compressor on my amp, which meet all my needs at the moment. PayPal only and Con. USA.

    BLOWTORCH IS GONE................ 12/30/14 609pm CST

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Oh man!!!:jawdrop: I'd love to buy the BlowTorch but just spent my Christmas money on other items!:crying::banghead:
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