My 70's mystery Jpn made Jazz copy saga begins

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  1. Last week I got to thinking that I wanted a Fender clone beater bass that I could use for standard tuning and perhaps eventually even utilize as a backup for my low C tuned four banger if I deemed it worthy enough. I was spying a red SX P/J number @ Rondo which was being blown out for $99. Before committing to it I figured I'd take another peek around to see what was available and I found this.


    The title of this thread could be incorrect but I took a good look at the pic and decided to gamble and now it should be in my clutches by next Wednesday. The things that made me suspect "lawsuit era" were for starters, the headstock. It's the most "Fender perfect" (if I may be so bold) I've seen this side of a Tokai Hard Puncher. Upon closer inspection of the pic I saw two holes flanking the bridge indicating some kind of ashtray shenanigans going on which could well have been added by a previous owner so who knows. Another indicator to me would be the thumbrest by the neck. I'm no expert concerning Fender copies but of the ones I've seen, not too many of them sport the thumbrest but again, that's just a half educated speculation on my part. I can't discern at all what the logo on the headstock says. It looks whited out and about the same size as a Silver Series Ibanez logo. Again, just wild speculation. The vintage-y vibe is kind of growing on me which is weird as the basses I prefer and own are of the black on black stealthed-out variety although I think I would eventually give it the stealth treatment. I never thought I'd have this much anticipation for such an inexpensive bass. I hope it turns out to be a real player.
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    that is one of the closest fender headstocks ive ever seen. to me (not an expert..but..) it looks perfect. that would lead me to believe its got to be either a lawsuit, or a fender?

    if it is a 70's lawsuit bass itll probobly be better than the SX bass. ive heard only wonderfull things about those lawsuit japaneese basses.
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    That's sweet, I was getting ready to buy a Greco jazz, but than an 85 MIJ jazz came up, after putting more money in MODS than I spent for the bass, I'm a freak for jazz basses again. I'm selling my Marleaux and picking up another jazz, to gut for fretless=)
  4. I've heard the same and want to see what all the fuss is about ;)
  5. I had an Aria Jazz clone lawsuit era bass very much like the one you are looking at back in the day. I know that there was one or two factories at that time that made them for a bunch of different labels. Mine was fantastic and started me on my love affair with Jazz basses... then some douche bag broke into my parents house and stole it...
  6. I had an MIJ Squier Jazz back in the day that I could just gutpunch myself for letting go of. One of the sweetest basses I've ever owned. I'm half thinking of extensively modding this one as well but we'll see upon inspection.
  7. im diggin it
  8. Me too. It looks like something Tommy Shannon or Verdine White would rock out with.
  9. That's what my Squier did for me back in the day too. The Jazz remains one of my all time favorites. I feel like a douchebag for selling it :crying:
  10. It's looking like a 1975 Ibanez to me... just roughly guessing. They stopped doing the lawsuit designs by 1976/1977, and they started them around 1971/1972 if I recall. If it's not labeled as an Ibby, then it probably came out of the same factory anyways if it's MIJ.

    Decent basses - not amazing, but decent. I had a 72 Ibby Tele (guitar) and it was solid, but the construction was not the best. Later 1970's Ibanez guitars and basses were fantastic - night and day difference to the early stuff.

    For $99, I wouldn't pass it up! It's got a nice vibe/look going, even as just a wall hanger. Hopefully the neck is good, and it plays well when you get it. It'll go another 40 years I'm sure! :D
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    I bet that bass sounds great. Back in college, a friend of mine had one and it was killer. He rocked it until it was stolen.
  12. I believe based upon the shiny logo that it's a Pan. They are VERY high-end copies. They were made by the Arai guitar company (Aria/Vantage/Westbury/Univox) out of the Matsumoku factory in the 70's.

    Usually you only see the p-basses. The only ones I've seen are all sunburst with a tort guard. Of people in the know for japanese lawsuit basses, these can go for decently high dollar.

    If it is a Pan you got a nice bass. Congrats!
  13. Actually according to the sales receipt, it's $83.99 after tax :D $99 was what the SX was going for. I won't know about the neck until I get it next Wednesday. I have to wait for them to transfer it from one store to another. But yes, I'm hoping the neck is straight and functional too. I'm looking for more than wall art but as a worst case scenario... ;)
  14. Interesting. That's something to cross my fingers for. Thanks so much for the info.
  15. I'm hoping so. I'm just assuming based on a crappy photo, but it looks like player's player. Here's hoping...
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    I have a 70's ARIA made in the Matsumoku factory from info on vintage ARIAs i found on the web. It looks alot like that one here. That jazz is killer and right up with the Fenders of its day.
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    It reminds me of a Greco Law suit Fender Jazz Copy Bass I saw in Japan, but without all the information on the head. Matsumoku also made their top of the line Westone's in addition to Aria, and this looks like it could be an early Pan. Ibanez in the early 70's made fantastic copies that were better than the originals! That bass looks like it is ready to rock and I bet it's totally killer!
  18. Thanks for the info, guys. This is getting me excited. Does anyone know of any comprehensive websites/forums that deal with lawsuit era instruments? I've done some googling but only found scant bits of info here & there.
  19. So, what's the bass?
  20. bassbully

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    Do a search on Aria. I found a site once that had the bass i have in a 70's aria catalog.

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