my acoustic 370 remains cabinetless. help.

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  1. complains_alot


    Dec 18, 2012
    so i had a gig recently where i borrowed an ampeg cabinet from another band. it didn't look like an svt. it was smaller and a straight cab. i fell in love. it was the perfect cabinet. the only problem is that some other dude owns it. turns out it was an old '71 svt cab. the "straight back" version. i'm pretty sure they put all new jensens in it. here's my problem. i play some really heavy music, but i'm mostly a guitar player, and i do a lot of joy division kinda stuff a lot on the bass. real high up on the strings. i'm a pretty smooth player, but i do a lot of bending and wild noise. just chaos. i'm a real physical player but super dynamic. my quiet parts are just really ****ing quiet. i'm pretty sure i'm just gonna fix up this old acoustic 2x15 cab with some nice speakers for the time being (speaker preferences would be much appreciated for this cab), but in the long run, i want something really nice to pair with this head. i know it's a great piece of gear, and paired with the right cabinet, i know it'll ****ing sing. i can't break my bank on this at the moment, but i'm willing to spend some money in the long run. i live in the new orleans, and so good gear is pretty limited. i can't spend the bills to have something nice shipped here. suggestions?
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    Is it a 106 cab? Put two Eminence Beta 15a's in your cab, and be prepared to rock. Very good and relatively nice priced speaker that's considered the go-to new speaker for vintage cabs. You could also go lighter and use Eminence 3015's or Faital PR15400's, but they are very pricey and may require a retuning of the ports to work their best since they go lower than the Betas. I don't know if those neos would work in a 106, but I have heard of folks putting the 3015 in vintage cabs with very good results. But if you don't mind an extra few pounds of speaker magnet and want to save money, Betas.
  3. I have a 200w acoustic that I let a fellow player play through my modern SVT cab and it sounded AMAZING. Maybe look for a cheap used one? They can be had in my area for 500 bucks. Why not grab on for yourself if you liked how good it sounded?
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    Dec 28, 2005
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    I put JBL e140's in my old acoustic 215 cab and they sounded great. They are heavy though.