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  1. My current amp is an Ampeg BA115HPT.
    it has a 3 band EQ (bass, mid, treble) and also a 5 style selector which effects the mids (1-5 = mid cut to mid boost).
    my question is, with EQ like this, is it possible to control the high mids or low mids somehow?
    i feel that i am limited to a mid cut and mid boost option and perhaps there is a way to get more control using just the 3 band eq?
    other pedals with EQ going thru the amp is a sadowsky preamp and tech 21 vt bass.

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    The 3-band could be a Baxandall type, in which case turning the highs and lows up and down changes the frequency center point of the mids knob. However it might not be that type, RTM. As far as your other EQ pedals, remember that they are all in series, meaning each one affects the previous one. So on the one hand it is conceivable that by carefully regulating the boost range of one with the cut range of another, you might end up being able to control the high mids or low mids; OTOH the odds of doing so successfully and repeatably are slim.
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