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  1. Yeah, I proved myself wrong last night, I bought a new battery for my guitar and all the wires are connected to the EQ knobs and stuff, but a couple of them head toward the pickups, or in that general direction, so maybe both of them are. So anyways its my bad, thanks for the info. Is there really a big difference in a active EQ or active pickups? I just play bass, I know NOTHING about stuff like that. Thanks

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    Hey, CTM - yeah, there's a difference. Active pickups, such as EMG's, have an actual preamplifier inside the pickup case. The preamp requires power to operate. The idea is to reduce the loss of signal that you get with passives, as the signal travels through various wires, inside and outside of the bass, to the amp.

    An active bass can have active pickups, an active preamp, or both. A Stingray, for instance, has a passive pickup, and an active preamp. Higher-end Spectors have active EMG's, and an active preamp. I'm playing a Precision that has active EMG's, and passive controls. All of these are active basses, because they all contain preamps of one kind or another, and require battery power.