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My band dosnt have enough matrial for the show we booked...

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by BitterRoot, May 19, 2011.

  1. BitterRoot


    Mar 17, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    Hey guys. We booked this show, being told it was an opening gig for a band we had open for us. We are a original act, no covers, but I was taking to the guy who hot us the gig and he told me we gotta play two long sets, with an intermission in between em'.

    We need the gig, but are currently in the studio recording our ep, and are sorta tied up wit that. We have two weeks to double our set, which is currently only 50min, on a good day, if our guitarist didn't get all jittery and play fast.

    Were kinda an indi rock ish, 5 pc (1 female vox, 1male vox/guitar, 1guitar, 1 drummer, 1bass)

    I think if you threw deer tick, modest mouse, spoon, and the black keys in a sack and beat em with a stick we would drip out onto the floor.

    Anyway, we need cover suggestions, simple stuff. Simple vocals, clean groovy bass lines, no guitar solos, or simple ones at best. Any suggestions?
  2. tangentmusic

    tangentmusic A figment of our exaggeration

    Aug 17, 2007
    Take the set you currently have and divide it in half.
    streeeeetch each song out to nearly double length. Take a minute or so between songs to introduce them/gab at audience.
    You now have two 50 min sets.
  3. play slow. give some background info on songs or something, i always find it cool when bands do that, but dont go on a rant about it. quickly learn a bunch of covers?
  4. Bassamatic

    Bassamatic keepin' the beat since the 60's Supporting Member

    Two long solos per song. I don't like the idea of talking between songs - the audience doesn't care and it is just annoying.

    Learn a few simple covers.

    Good luck with the gig!
  5. pnut166


    Jun 5, 2008
    Learn some blues-based songs with the same basic chord progression, and let the guitarist play the same solo :)
  6. IbanezBass69


    Jul 14, 2010
    Perhaps you should discuss the issue to whoever booked it, and perhaps the place you are performing. If you throw together some covers, or originals, they could turn out very poorly in a short amount of time. Maybe another band could be booked to take up the space you guys cannot cover. Just my $.02.
  7. BitterRoot


    Mar 17, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    Actually that's part of the plan, we've got a few that we jam into/out of, and well be talking a bit. I acutually wrote one song as a funk song and then switched it to a driving spacy thing for the band, I think it be cool to play it one way the first then cover our own tune and play it funky the second.

    Yea the covers are what were looking at, that's what I'm hooding to find here actually.

    You guys got any ideas?

    Don't worry much about if it fits our style or what we sound like, b/c I'll check out every thing and pull a list from your suggestions.

    The one thing I ask is to keep it on the simple side of things.

    Thanks guys!
  8. BitterRoot


    Mar 17, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    I agree on the over banter with the audience, but the bands not to into lengthy solos, but we have three song that could work for.

    And thanks for the luck!

    Solid idea, I'll bring it up tonight at band. Thanks!

    That's a solid plan,

    P-nut is the man btw. I'll try to convince the band to do a 311 cover, "don't stay home" but I'm thinking it won't fly...
  9. pnut166


    Jun 5, 2008
    Actually, I had the nickname before 311 - he stole it from me :) Do their version of "Love Song" It`s simple and you can stretch the solos out. Let the singers trade verses, too, to put a cool spin on it. You could stretch it out to about 8 minutes lol
  10. We once played one song for an entire set, but unfortunately the 60s are over. How many songs can you add an extra lead to? The songs the crowd is dancing to are the best ones to extend. Dumas Walker is one of ours that often gets extended with extra vocals and lead parts. {Guitar, piano, organ, harmonica, and flute all add to the long version.}
  11. Just thinking of some easy-to-play covers that might mesh somewhat with your sound:
    1. Tainted Love, by Soft Cell. You can rock it.
    2. Undone (The Sweater Song) or Beverly Hills, by Weezer
    3. Creep, by Radiohead
    4. Sink to the Bottom, by Fountains of Wayne
    5. Seven Nation Army, by the White Stripes

    Off the top of my head...
  12. BitterRoot


    Mar 17, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    Nice! We all know #5, so I'm sure we'll rock it, me and the drummer play #3, sweater songs on my list already! And eff yes to tainted love. The bands gonna love that. Thanks mouserat!
  13. BitterRoot


    Mar 17, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    On the list!
  14. NoiseNinja

    NoiseNinja Experimental-psychedelic-ambient-noise-drone Banned

    Feb 23, 2011
    Play a 30 minutes noise extravangarde excapade with plenty of feedback impro sort of. :ninja: The audience are gonna love it. :bag:
  15. BitterRoot


    Mar 17, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    No problem! I just got a grey stache plus, and it's all I can do with it yet so far!
  16. dgravesweiner


    May 3, 2011
    I have a suggestion and it might be a crazy one but here goes. If you are not prepared for the gig then cancel it. It might piss some people off but it's worse not doing what is agreed upon and/or looking bad doing what they asked you to do. 1st Impressions are exactly that. Do what you do best and kick ass doing it, not guessing and looking hestitant in a set that was thrown together. I've done it and let me tell you that your friends and family will forgive you for a bad show. The real world will not so if you can't own it then don't do it and spend that time working on more originals! Good luck
  17. 30 minute version of Mustang Sally... or Freebird. :bag:
  18. This one of those "good problems".

    You should have covers in your pocket anyway. You never know what you can use them for. Pick a song from way out in left field... Patsy Cline, Madonna, The Talking Heads, Motorhead... and put your own spin on it. I recently saw a country band, with a fiddle, mandolin, and pedal guitar, do a cover of Iron Maidens "Prowler". It was hilarious... because they played the song so damn well.
  19. Nagrom


    Mar 21, 2004
    Western Canada
    Hire a opener to do the first set.

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