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My band is going to tour with Jim Carroll!

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Mon Rominee, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. That's right. My band, the Curtain Society (+ our friend Scott Ricciuti from the band Huck) will be touring New England with none other than legendary poet / author / musician Jim Carrol, most noted for the book "the Basketball Diaries", and such post-punk classics as "people who died", "it's too late" and "catholic boy".

    Jim is releasing a book very soon, and decided he wanted to do a few dates of music to go along with it. First date is Oct. 28 in Albany, NY. Dates in Boston, Worcester and abroad are being finalized as well thru November, and I will post the full schedule as it comes.

    More on Jim Carroll: www.catholicboy.com

    More on my band: www.curtainsociety.com

    more on Huck : www.huckmusic.com
  2. jbahleda


    Feb 22, 2004

    did you guys play columbus ohio a few times around 5 years ago
    I am specifically thinking of a gig at a club called Little Brothers and a showcase for a record label at Bernies distilery?
    I saw a band called curtain society a few times, loved their stuff (might be you, thus mabey loved your stuff.)

    thats great about the Jim Carrol thing....
  3. Hey! Yeah, we played Bernies about 7 years ago, actually, as part of a "Bedazzled Records" caravan...us, viola peacock & Siddal played. That place was definitely neat. hard to get the gear down those stairs, for sure. (I trust I'm thinking the right place...Columbus, yes? across from the college?) Not sure about the "little brother's" place, I'll have to check (my memory is sometimes dodgy at times). But yeah, we've toured the area a few times, yeah. I love it.

    I thank you for the kind words. We have a new disc coming out next month. We'll have a new website launch to go with it... join the mailing list, we'd love to keep you updated!

    Thanks!!!! I'm really looking forward to the Jim Carroll dates, we've done a few one-offs with him, and he's quite a cool guy.