My band is in the final 3 out of 1700 bands!

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  1. Yes!!! out of 1700 bands that entered the motorokrbandwarz in Argentina,( ) there are 3 bands left now, and BRIXTON CRENCHY is one of them!!! awesome!!!!
    Tomorrow night the 3 bands are playing live in a place that fits 1584 spectators!!! This is like a dream come true. The band that wins the contest gets their record produced, though no record deal . But it's a huge step!! The contest is getting a lot of publicity so suddenly we are being played in the radio... we are having so much publicity, i hope we can use all this cause it's being great. here's a link to a live photo:
    not a very good picture though.
    and here you may listen to some songs:
    wish me luck for tomorrow!
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    Jan 1, 2008
    Congratulations, Good luck!
  3. Awesome, good luck. Also I love the music.
  4. good luck!!
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    bien chevere. :)

    suerte y exito!
  6. good luck !!!!:D
  7. Thanks so much!!! thanks to everyone for their support! needless to say, tomorrow's the most important gig i've ever had!!!!
  8. Well, finally last night we played for a full house in the contest, it was incredible! We had never played live for such a big audience (this place fits 1500 spectators) we did our thing and had lots of fun and really enjoyed ourselves. Being on stage and seeing such a large audience was amazing!!! all the audience was singing or dancing, really connecting to what we were doing, something really magical. I could see some of my friends in the audience, but then i realized the place was packed and everyone else who never had heard our songs before were enjoying it too!!!!! and when we ended the audience started cheering our name!!! amazing.
    the "bad" news is the judges decided to give us third place. But still, only 3 out of 1700 bands got to play last night, and that a great reward for us. Man, people dig our music! This has been great for us, i hope we can profit from this, and start gigging more often. The third prize on the contest apart from cellphones to each band member is 1000 copies of our cd. We have an ep we are giving out as promotion so we think we're gonna make more copies to give away to anyone interested. A great way to promote ourselves. And a couple of our songs will be available for downdload on cellphones. There's been word of a cd coming out with songs of the finalists, but this hasn't been confirmed yet... we'll see...
  9. Hello again, i wanted to post links to youtube of our band playing on this contest. we had very good feedback, in spite of not being the judges' choice. Seeing this videos is really cool, there are a few things i didn't rememeber of the gig, and hearing the crowd cheering for us at the end of the show is just amazing. And our singer was so excited he just couldn't stop thanking everyone. And i couldn't stand still while he was talking... Hope you enjoy them!!
    we start playing at around 0:40 on this one

    please bare in mind the audio is what the camera is getting, which is mostly the stage, not the pa mix...