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My band just became a Resident band!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by 5s_tring freak, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. Last week my hard rock band played a gig with 4 other bands at this bar run by the top rock radio station in NZ. We played really well and got a totally good reaction.

    Anwyaz, the owner of the bar (who is also a dj on the radio station) called my drummer today and asked if he could come to our practice and talk about stuff. So he came along, we played some of our songs and then he asked us to play a cover and we played "Warning" by Incubus.

    We got talking and he said that he wants us to play almost every week (except for weeks when there are special functions on). He will pay us $350-$400 NZ dollars per hour depending on how much the place makes and that could increase if we impress lots of people. He wants us to play mostly originals, but also about 3 covers per nite, and for our next gig, he asked us to play "Praise" by Sevendust, "Circles" by Incubus and "Parabola" by Tool. we said that was sweet cos we already know Praise and Circles.

    hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things seeing as how they are the official bar of a very popular radio station. :cool:
  2. Cool. :)
  3. well done!

    sounds like a sweet deal, enjoy it!


  4. Hi, im the new guy, from Argentina, we are facing some hard troubles here, you may know...
    but I'll tell you something, that thing that happens to you it's a great deal, coz, that means that you, and your band, are growing like it has to be.
    and not like some other "bands" (sorry for calling them that way) like Nsync, BSB, Britney, that from one second to the next one, OH GOD, theyre famous! the have a video in Mtv, and you see all that crap theyre playing (playing?) and that's my opinion.
    I believe that you are proud, and, it has to be like that.

    Oh, just forgetting, contratulations!!

    See you

    PS: for many of us, that's still a dream we are working on!!!

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