My bass cases smell mouldy!

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  1. So I recently moved house and it was raining while everything was being unloaded. I stuck all my instrument cases under a bed as per usual (I use gig bags and store instruments on hangers) and a few weeks later when I needed one I found they all smelt bad and had a layer of grey mould or something on them. Even though I've cleaned them all and stacked them in an airy place the things still smell mouldy and I don't want to put instruments in them! Anyone know how to make cases mould-free? I'd just get rid of them but four are original cases for vintage instruments...
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    There will be a lot of good information coming your way as soon as everyone wakes up.

    I do know from experience that Lysol and sunlight kills mold.
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    There was a recent thread about sourcing desiccant packs. Once you get the mold removed I would liberally sprinkle desiccant packs in the cases for a period of time before I put the vintage instruments back in them..... My work horse from my gigging days hasn't seen a nightclub since 1992. Still today when I open the case it smells of beer and cigarettes.
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    vinegar cuts that smell. Also Febreeze works wonders. I bought a used gig bag once that smelled so bad of cigarettes that it made my eyes water. I bombed with Febreeze and left it out in the sunshine for a couple of day and that killed the smell.
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    That was mine, I got a big ole bag off of Ebay. The trick is to look for "silica gel bags" instead of "desiccant packs" otherwise you'll get large, safe-sized options.
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