My bass sounds like a piano!

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  1. I just got a MIM Fender Zone 4 string. I put new Fender Super bass strings on it. Set up rather low. checked pups and string height, set up so it plays nice for me. BUT the E string has this "piano" ring to it, not phat, rather thin I think, not like a bass "should" sound like. The other stings sound fine and the tone quality increases on the lighter strings I think. Suggestions please... :)
  2. I personally like the "piano" tone, though it's not for everyone. I suggest giving it about a week for the strings to collect some oils from your fingers. Basically let them "die" a little bit. The string will naturally get lower over time. Have you used those strings before? Maybe those strings are just too bright for your taste. Try some DRs or another trusted brand. I favor Cirrus strings, but they tend to be kind of bright. You can also change your eq or play closer to the neck to get a deeper tone. -joe
  3. Yeah I don't know what it is, I think my taste has changed. I am interested in doing some recording so that seem like a whole new ball game. That bright sound really cuts through for sure.

    No, have never used these - will try DR's next time. I know a lot of people on this board use them.
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    My bass always sounds like a piano with new strings. The above poster is right, just break em in a little bit and it will warm up some.
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    I know EXACTLY what you mean, I used to hate how "ping"-y new strings sound, and I was so happy once a month and a half went by and they finally wore down a bit. But that aversion to new strings caused me to go way too long without changing them until my precision ended up sounding really dead and flat, then I started thinking "Hmm, this is such a dull sounding bass, maybe I need to get a jazz..."

    Then the other night I put some new Ernie Ball super slinkys on and it's like a completely new bass! It's nice to hear it sounding lively, mean and aggressive again (and I don't mind that piano brightness so much anymore)...

    But I think I'll still get a jazz anyway :).

  6. Nice. it's the grit and growl I am looking for and maybe this bass won't quite cut it, although when I played one like it in a music store I thought it had the tone I wanted. Maybe it does and I just have to work out the kinks!
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    It must make playing Billy Joels "piano man" a breeze. :D
  8. Yeah, I'll have to put some felt on my picks!