my big stuff for trade / wanted list

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  1. items i have for trade or would consider trading:

    1. Cort black headless bass. steinberger copy, sounds great.

    2. Ashbory 18" scale silicon-stringed bass. comes close to an upright sound. fretless, with a *massive* tone.

    the rest of the list i posted here:


    I'm Looking for:
    1. a really good compressor

    2. a good 4 string fretless

    3. ampeg head

    4. anything else (try me!)

    5. unibass

    6. POG
  2. oh, and i can toss in some cash if need be....
  3. kelbrihan

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    Dec 2, 2004
    Pics of the the Cort? PM sent
  4. no pics, but i will take some if i have some time

    the ashbory is gone...
  5. that headless still available? if so, would u be willing to trade it for cash? :p
  6. sorry, gone :(
  7. poop, thanks anyway :)
  8. Radio Kaos 64

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    Oct 15, 2003
    Any chance of an outright sale on the TR707?