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My Boss AW3 whistle's hard in HUMANIZER mode...

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Archdart, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Archdart


    Aug 27, 2011
    Hi, so there is my question. :bag:
    I'm playing an 86 PJ Charvel bass through an GK MB Fusion with a GK Neo112 II. :bassist:

    I usually play with a Darkglass Electronics B3K trigged on, i play metal and i love the edge that this pedal gives to my sound. :D

    I used to play the B3K with a boss aw3 before it in some parts. I've managed to achieva a sound that is something like, let's say "overdrive meets fuzz meets sythetizer"
    I've done this by putting the pedal in HUMANIZER mode, then i set the 2 "vowels" knobs to noon, or as the pedal call them "I and I".

    I've had my usually rehearsal with my band yesterday, and when was the time to turn on the AW3, on whatever string or position in the fretboard i played, my amp make a horrible whistle that almost cover my sound, but this only when i play something...

    i've manage to continue my rehearsal by playing with the p pick up only or by rolling off the tone knob on my bass a little bit... (i forgot to mention that it has stock passive pickups and electronics)

    Useless to say that before today i've nevere had this problem :meh: and i've played the two pedals with the blend knob in the center and the tone all the way open :ninja:

    So... that's it... don't know what to do... :help:

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