my bridge buzzzzezz

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  1. The bridge is just the factory one. The saddle that holds the e string pulls away from the a string saddle. It makes it buzz unless i push them back together, is there anything i can do to prevent this? would a new bridge be a good investment.
  2. i had a problem like this on my ibanez gsr 190 and i added a little bit of modeling clay inbetween the bridges and in held up and i can't say it made it sounds worse. and then i got my peavey
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    Jun 20, 2001
    get a new bridge. they dont cost nil. a standard one can be found for like $10. or you could get a badass for $40.
  4. what would the other advantages becides no buzz, between lets say a badass and the factory one.
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    May 24, 2001
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    Many (myself included) subscribe to the idea that a greater mass at the termination points of the strings provides better Tone transfer of the acoustic properties of the wood itself as well as greater sustain. You may also have seen guitars/basses with a brass plate mounted to the peghead for this same reason.

    Also, Leo Quan (bad ass) bridges are very well constructed and machined very acurately, so you will be able to get a more acurate setup.

    All this having been said, you should look into the reason the old one is buzzing. If you can move the saddle easily with the strings at full tension, there isn't enough downforce on the saddle.

    Check the allen posts that are used to raise/lower action. Have you cranked them up so high that they are no longer touching the bridge plate and the saddle is in effect suspended in the air only by the intonation adjustment screw?

    If the the saddle is moved forward significantly in order to get proper intonation and the bass is not strung through body, it may be impossible to get proper downforce on the saddle without raising it. If this gets the action higher than you want, you may have to shim the neck. I mention this because you may have the same problem with another bridge. Secondly, you want the saddles as tight as possible against the bridge plate for optimum performance of the instrument.
  6. yeah like i said, modeling clay j/k