my bridge?

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  1. This is kinda difficult to describe and sorry if I don't use correct termenology. I have a Fender Jazz(MIM). On my bridge, the thing that has the screw going threw it thats lifts up the string slowly slips downward over a month or so, causing me to have to raise it back up quite frequently. Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening.
  2. There is a product called "Loc-Tite" that is available in auto parts stores. It's a little bottle of goo that, when applied to the threads of a screw or bolt, will keep it tight until loosened on purpose. Now, it's VERY important that you get the right version of this stuff. DO NOT USE THE RED LOC-TITE!!! This stuff is really aggressive and needs to be loosened with heat after it cures. Get the BLUE version instead. Remove the offending allen screw(s) and put a drop on the threads and re-install. Let it cure for an hour and it will hold fast until you change it. It will even hold after that so you don't have to re-apply with each adjustment.

    Hope this helps!!
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    I completely agree with HB, I just wanted to add that the Blue formula is #242.