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    Oct 19, 2011
    As many of you know, my father passed away on March 13th. I had been planning to get my bonus, pay off my 401k loan; take out another one, buy an SUV, and then drive down to see him. That plan was knocked down by his cancer progressing faster than it was supposed to. Everyone say it with me:


    You were supposed to say it out loud. You can go back and say it out loud. I'll wait.

    We had a snowy winter, and my wife and I were tired of dealing with our long driveway. She drives a stupid Chevy S-10 one wheel wonder; I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer with Front Wheel Drive.

    The Mitsubishi does quite well in snow and ice, but it's low to the ground, so if the snow gets too deep, it is done. The S-10, as far as I know, was not designed to be driven. I have no idea what one of those things is for.

    A lot of things kept telling me "get a Jeep." I was looking at Cherokees and Grand Cherokees online, because I figured they were just big enough to haul our very small PA system, and other assorted gear.

    All of them were far away; some as far as Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago. Especially Cherokees. I shopped online for them for about two months, and I could tell my wife would far prefer the Grand Cherokee, of which there were more in my price range that weren't beat to hell.

    I finally found one that looked pretty good for $4,000.00 up in Kendallville, about 45 minutes from here, and I went up to test drive it.

    It was a total piece of crap. I wouldn't have given him $1,500.00 for it, and told him he should be ashamed of trying to sell that to someone at all.

    On my way home, I had a sudden flash of inspiration, and called a Hyundai dealer, to see how late they were open. They said 8:00! I had remembered they had a fire engine red Grand Cherokee there, which I wasn't that thrilled with, color wise, but I thought I would at least drive one that wasn't junk, to help me make my decisions this weekend, when I would be driving hundreds of miles to try some out.

    Well, that one was gone, but there was a silver 2001 that was just as clean as clean could be, 150,000 miles, and that I just knew was out of my price range.

    The guy wanted $7,000.00 for it, and I told him I had top dollar of $3,500.00. He bragged to me about how he was the best salesman at the number one Hyundai dealer in America, in Orlando Florida, and then did one of those, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but..." speeches about how I can't buy one from a dealer because of taxes and licensing fees, and that I need Craigslist.

    Well, that's where being a fifty year old man who dyes his hair, and looks younger can really pay off. I smelled "newby" on him like talcum powder on a baby. I said, "go talk to your sales manager, and just for fun, find out what his absolute bottom dollar is."

    He came back with an amazed look on his face, and said, "he'll go for your $3,500.00, plus tax and license, and get you out the door for $4,300.00," and thought he'd made the sale.

    I said, "you're getting closer."

    He looked at me like I was from Mars, (I'm really from Jupiter, idiot,) and said, "if I can get you out the door for $4,000.00, will you take it?"


    That's a big thumbs up!








    So this is what I will be driving up to Minneapolis next week for my dad's memorial service. (that's where my family is from) I think he might have had something to do with this deal, and to that I say, "thanks, dad!"
  2. Looks like a clean car for 4 grand. I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited and it has been reliable with no problems. BTW, what is sticking out of the trailer hitch? Looks like some sort of man step? Anyway...congrats on your new ride.
  3. dude, i had a picture in my head,but there were two fewer wheels involved....
  4. mellowinman

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    Oct 19, 2011
    It's one of these:
  5. mellowinman

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    Oct 19, 2011
    I looked at a few Grand Cherokees with less than four wheels, but took a pass on all of them.

    Seriously, I crashed my motorcycle in about 1998, and turned my clavicle into rice krispies, and broke my spine in two places.

    I think I've had about enough of that.
  6. bluesblaster


    Jan 2, 2008
    Good call, there is still plenty of ice and snow up here.
  7. buzzbass

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    Apr 23, 2003
    Tenn. & NJ
    nice buy. I take it that is a 4.7 ? Keep the oil fresh and DO NOT overheat it. 4.7s don't take kindly to overheating, not even one time. Looks very clean for your money though
  8. FilterFunk

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    Mar 31, 2010
    Man, I love your spirit and attitude!

    May your father rest in peace.
  9. Mike N

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    Jan 28, 2001
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    Lift it.
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    Oct 3, 2007
    Looks awesome man! The only troubling thing about this - you still have Mrs. Mellow driving that pos Chevy. That's just not right man.

    I hear ya on the long driveway, 250'+ here. Maybe next year you get a 2 stage snow-blower.:meh:

    BTW: Glad you're thinking about your Dad in these small things. From what you've said he was very supportive so yeah, he did have a part in all of this. :cool:
  11. mellowinman

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Yeah, it's the 4.7. I will heed your advice.
  12. mellowinman

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    Oct 19, 2011
    I will let her drive this, and the Mitsubishi. She likes the Chevy; otherwise, I would've talked her into getting rid of it long ago.

    NO SMOKING, though!
  13. mellowinman

    mellowinman Free Man

    Oct 19, 2011
    No, I will not.
  14. edpal

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    Oct 3, 2007
    In other words no makeup until she gets out, so she's not smoking hot.:D

    I miss having an SUV....:crying:
  15. Sorry for your loss but good to see you got some safe transportation. My 4.7L never complains. has great info if this is your first jeep. The most critical component IMO is the 3 timing chain system. Replace when due because this is an "interference" motor. (valve hits piston w/o chain).
  16. Congrats on the new ride and on being so photogenic and sexy.

    Did I say that outloud?
  17. Nicely done, man!
  18. Nice jeep Mellow. I just bought Marko138's jeep on Saturday.
  19. marko138


    May 24, 2013
    Perry County PA
    Nice rig man. I love the Grands. I'm on my second. Sold the 05 WK to Dwayne Saturday and drove down the road and replaced it with an 11 WK2.
  20. requirement for new guitarist, must like tastey southern licks and jeeps.