My current bass collection

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  1. IMG_20201027_065011_569.jpg

    Left to right,

    Custom Squier Affinity P bass (Fender Original pickups + new pots and a gold jack)

    Custom Squier Affinity PJ bass (Fender Yosemite pickups and 250k pots)

    A Stagg Jaguar copy (Stagg BM370)

    Ibanez Sr250 Bass

    Yamaha Rbx170EW

    Lotus H0005 bass (80s/90s technically vintage)

    And a custom Samick Greg bennet Jazz Bass (classic 70s vibe pickups)

    I also have a yellow Samick PJ that is being worked on and I have the pink squier bronco CME exclusive on preorder
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  2. In no particular order.

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  3. B-Mac

    B-Mac Happiness is a Warm Puppy and a Great Bass Supporting Member

    How's that Stagg play?
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  4. It sounds good. More on the mid range side like the music man basses. Neck feels and looks amazing in person. The only thing i don't like is the neck dive that this shape is famous for. Also the tone knob creates static when turning it sometimes. Think its a grounding issue.
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  5. Eon Sky

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    Jul 7, 2013
    Pacific Northwest
    I'm digging that Stagguar! Which one is your "go to"?
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  6. Funny enough the Lotus is my go to for band stuff right now. Has a vintage hum that i use a noisegate for. But When im writing music its the blue affinity p on the far left. It sounds so damn clean.
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    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    Rock them hard! :bassist:
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  8. Yay!!! (Times seven.)
  9. Nice collection :)
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  10. Standalone


    Jan 17, 2005
    New Haven
    I would probably gravitate towards the Lotus too. I like basses with some vintage wear and something special in the voice -- even if imperfect, they often feel more musical. The better "cheap imports" from back in the day seem to have settled in nicely over the years somehow. I really think that instruments that get played a bunch over time sort of age with the vibrations; it sounds corny, but I think it's real.
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  11. Kukulkan61

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Northern Arizona
    My modest collection!
    Fender Roadworn 60s Jazz
    Fender Nate Mendel
    Lakland D Dunn Pbass
    MIC Squier CV
    712B29F0-C078-4987-86AB-DC8D1F05B70B.jpeg 965C2C04-D1FB-43F6-92B7-1A46B9B4E763.jpeg 62E763E9-EBA7-4B82-A48E-6802F3AE77BA.jpeg 1DA36770-97C5-49A6-BCE6-FFA33D5CD1F3.jpeg
  12. jazzbass.png

    The one bass for every day of the week.
  13. Basses-BlkBorder.jpg

    One for each day of the Month!
  14. TrevorG

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    Nov 30, 2012
    I have four basses (and one of them's acoustic) and now feel TOTALLY inadequate! Thanks fellas!
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  15. B-Mac

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  16. Here's my set

    Lakland 5502 spalted maple
    Lakland 5502 cherry burst
    Lakland 5594 black
    Lakland 55-aj red
    Lakland 55-aj trans black
    Lakland 5560 sunburst
    Lakland dj5 natural
    Lakland dj5 blue
    Elrick evolution natural
    Cort elrick rb5 green
    Sandberg tm5 masterpiece relic roquefort blue
    Sandberg tm5 supreme blue burst
    Maruszczyk jake pj5 black burst
    Rbass SCJ5 natural
    Tom clement phoenix 5 #352
    Roscoe century standard plus
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  17. Sparuto


    Sep 12, 2018
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  18. Upper right is a 1976 B-50NT:


    Bottom right of center 1993 B-500CE:


    They are all Guilds
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  19. I guess I'm adding to this pron thread.....
    The-Wall 05-20 - 1.jpg
    Top row, left to right -
    B.C. Rich Warlock Platinum / B.C. Rich Mockingbird MKII / Ibanez DTB100 Destroyer / ESP-LTD F-104 / Ibanez Mikro 6-string
    Bottom Row, left to right -
    Ibanez Mikro / Epiphone Thunderbird / ESP-LTD F-104 / Ibanez SR300
    Floor Stands, left to right -
    Michael Kelly ABG / ESP-LTD B206-SM
    Rack is full of future swirl paint projects, just random stuff I picked up over time and haven't gotten to yet.

    To the OP, nice collection! To the others who posted their collection, nice collections and thanks for the smiles today! Love this stuff! :cool:
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    Feb 10, 2016
    Michigan USA
    Yep, a feel good thread!
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