My Dilemma?

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  1. ok so lately i have been jonesing for a bass with a P/J configuration...however i'm a bit picky and only play basses and guitars with a natural finish/appearance...i abhor painted instruments...not a sunburst fan either!

    I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but i want a natural appearing body that shows some wood grain combined with a maple fret board! i would also prefer a jazz neck to a standard P neck...

    so the first thing that comes to mind is obviously a P bass Special right? however the only one i can find fitting my specs is the Fender American Deluxe which comes in at a hefty 1,500.00 and still sans the jazz neck!

    far more than i want to spend...

    Squier once made one that had a walnut stain...but have had absolutely no luck finding one! and again sans the maple board

    at this point i figure i'm going to have to build or scour the internet for parts and make one from the ground up!

    anybody know of a model i'm missing?
  2. G&L SB2 is available in natural/maple with jazz width neck
  3. Spector
  4. i have been able to find a picture...but nobody with one in stock!

    plus we are still talking 1,300.00 ouch!
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    I more than understand your dilemma. The very first bass I wanted was a Squier P-Bass Special, but in the satin pewter w/. matching headstock. It took me about half a year of occasional searching to find one. Eventually, I got it, but it took some persistence.

    There are a couple of walnut Squier Standard Jazz basses on eBay right now, but no Squier P-Bass Specials. I saw a couple about a month or two ago, one on eBay and another on Guitar Center's used listings, so they are out there. If it's the model you're looking for, and I do recommend it most fervently, keep at it. One may turn up when you least expect it.

    What is the budget are you operating under? As much as I love my P-Bass Special, someday I would really dig putting together a made-to-order P/J bass through Warmoth. Something tough, yet elegant all at the same time…y'know what I mean?
  6. i'd like to not spend more than $500.00 as this will not be my main gigging bass...

    I have just been jones-ing for a P/J
  7. had not even considered this....
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    Too bad this wasn't about 4 months ago. I had this beautiful G&L SB-2 for sale for around $850.00. No bites right away, so I ended up doing a trade. I know you said you don't like sunbursts. This was Honeyburst, and beautiful in person.

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    Not a p/j configuration, but a good good compromise.
    Sterling Ray 34 natural
  10. lol currently building something along this line but with a walnut finish and five strings