My EHX switchblade pro set up.

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    Apr 6, 2017
    I put together this simple pedal board for live shows using the new switchblade pro and its sounds great. I’m using it to run an Big Muff and Spectra comp in parrallel. I had an MXR bass preamp at the end of the chain for a DI but I fried the input somehow.

    Anyone have any recommends for a good octave pedal to pair with the big muff? Preferably one that can be set to %100 wet

    Current Settings:

    A level (compressor) - 11
    B level (big muff) - 1
    Dry level - 9
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  2. monti2889


    Jul 19, 2012
    A year later....I'd recommend the ehx POG. I haven't used the boss oc-3 (or other variations), so I can't comment on those. There's a lot of love for the tc sub'n'up, but I personally am not a fan. To my ear, with my setup, the sub was not very natural sounding. Although it does a lot and it does track pretty well. My patience is not high enough to mess around with this thing to try and dial it in. When compared to the POGs simplicity, for me it's an easy choice. The ehx octave multiplexer is another good sounding octave pedal, but it's tracking can get a bit unpredictable at fast tempo or chording. The best use I've found for this one (and presumably other monophonic octave effects), is through a parallel loop, so you retain your fundamental and the effect gets layered on top. So, probably not a good choice if youre wanting 100% wet octave. Bottom line is....I'd recommend the POG or at the very least a Polyphonic octave effects pedal for your situation. Although it can be expensive new, they can get more affordable on the used market. There are yet other options/copies made by other Chinese companies like donner and joyo.