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My experience with KSD Customer Service (final post)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gimmeagig, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    You have probably read my posts KSD lesson learned, So here's the final update.
    I was really hoping I could give some good news like "yes. Adam Levy from Brooklyn Gear came through for me and even though it took a while, they did send me a new neck and my Proto J plays wonderful and I'm really happy.
    Unfortunately it has been one year and two months since Adam Levy from Brooklyn Gear first stated that he wants to help me. I'm an optimist and always believe that a bad situation can be turned around.Not this time!!
    So here's a little backgound and the rest of the story:
    About once a month I checked with Adam about when I might be able to expect the new neck to arrive and at first he told me that he is in the process of finding a new factory and that as soon as they are ready for production I would get a new neck.
    My reply: Great...
    Then there were a number of e-mails from Adam telling me "the necks are being shipped.I'm awaiting them any day now..."
    Me again:No problem... there's no rush!
    Following that was "It will be a bit longer,I want to make sure you get a good neck.."
    Then more "The necks are on the way..."and "I really want to resolve this as much as you do..."
    My response: Good I'm glad, I was starting to wonder...
    Eventually I let Adam know that I'm getting frustrated with this same old story and that I feel I have been given the runaround.
    Adam sent me an e-mail reassuring me that he will help and I calmed down again.I even posted that I might have jumped the gun on getting mad at Adam and that I had the impression that Adam was sincere and that he really is trying to help me.
    Then,two months later,you guessed it, still nothing!!!
    So I sent another e-mail to Adam that was a little more forceful in voicing my frustration.
    The reply e-mail from Adam had a completely different tone.
    He essentially told me not to bother him any more and it contained a statement smething like " Hey Roxy, I don't like dealing with this any more than you do. In the future, the only thing I ever want to hear from you is how much you like the bass....."
    So I replied to him with:
    How can I like a bass that is seriousy defective and for which parts and service are unobtainable?
    That was the last I heard from Adam.
    Am I being unreasonable in my frustration?
    I can't sell this bass as it is to anyone and nobody makes a
    35" maple neck that would fit this instrument.
    So while at first I was really happy with the bass, now it is just a body with some nice electronics on it( all aftermarket by the way) I'll probably get a Warmoth 34" neck and see if I can convert it.If I do get it going again, the only original parts of the bass will be the body and the strap holders.So for that I payed 850.-For what I have in the bass so far I could have bought a really nice Jazz bass.This was a really expensive misake and I feel pretty stupid now.
    I am certaily done waiting for any help from Brooklyn Gear and would advise anyone considering a KSD Proto J to forget about it and to spent the money on a bass where the Manufacturer cares about the reputation of the brand and actually stands behind his product.
    I don't want to start another big thead that gets out of hand with emotions flaring and is eventually shut down by one of the moderators.I probably won't respond to any replies on this topic.
    This forum is a very valuable source for information for us bassplayers and I just want to share my experience with you guys so that you can avoid the mistake I made.
    By the way I still absolutely love my Atelier Z!!!!:hyper:

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