My experience with La Bella strings

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  1. sam91


    Jun 23, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    Hey all,

    I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with la bella strings...
    Currently, I use the .110 Jamerson set on one of my 72 p and the 104. set on the other 73 p.

    I freaking love them but unfortunately, la bella are the most inconsistent strings I have ever encountered...

    First, when I ordered the .110 set the g string was malfunction, and when I'm saying malfunction I mean when you would play it you would hear a "sitarish" sound coming out (and no, it's 100% not setup issue). I've contact la bella about it and they DO have an amazing customer service but they had to ship to me 3 times different G strings till one was okay!! now it plays great :)

    A week ago I installed the .104 set on my other p and you won't believe it, I had the same problem with this set as well! a sitarish sound coming out of the G string (really weird sounding string I'm telling you).

    When you get the right set and all of the strings are working well you got yourself the best flatwounds strings you can get, but In my experience, It just can't happen, I've never got a la bella set that was working straight away and that very unfortunate...

    So I have to change now the .104 set, any recommendations for a set similar to the 104.?
  2. GHS Precision Flats CM3050, 45-60-80-105.
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  3. uwrossl

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    Nov 13, 2009
    I have this exact set on the way to me along with the GHS BFs to try. Just tested the Precision Flats from a borrowed set and loved them. They have an attack and punch to them that's truly impressive and were surprisingly flexible. Can't wait to start breaking in my own set.

    Have you tried the La Bella LTF's? I've found them to be more much more consistent than the DTF's as well as very well balanced right out of the package. The pulling weight is quite a bit lighter but flexibility and feel under the fingers is pretty similar(ie...not loose or floppy) and retains a lot of the traditional la bella sound.

    When it comes to the 110 set I just ran I nice test on the Dunlop 50-110 set including two rehearsals and loved them. Thick and rich while maintaining excellent clarity. 50-110 set has a lot more of the traditional flatwound thump then the 40-100 & 45-105 sets and I love both of those. Tension and flexibility wise the Dunlop 50-110 set plays and feels a lot like standard 105 sets of flats. 1/4 turn on the truss and boom. Didn't have to file the nut any. Could easily play a 3hr set on them with no hand cramping issues etc.
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  4. Huh, I was just saying in another thread that I've not tried GHS flats yet, and I guess you've shown me the set I should try. Thanks! I've got a P-bass I'm looking to swap out strings to try something new.:thumbsup:
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  5. pipeman


    Mar 20, 2005
    New York City
    you are not alone in this defective G string saga. i bought 6 760flatwound sets of different gauges in the last 12 months with lousy G strings. labella is always gracious and replaces. out of the replacements 3 were still unusable and 3 worked. so that makes 9 defective all together. i have tried all the other flatwound strings and i feel that they are the best, so can deal with this inconvenience because labella is so consistently gracious when it comes to correcting the problem, and when the G string is working it works very well for a very long time...
  6. 5aP


    Jun 29, 2020
    Hi guys!

    Sorry to hear about these problems.

    My first La Bella strings came few days ago, so today, I've finally got them on my fretless. And I my say: my first impression is that I was blown away! It's a totally different instrument.
    The intonation is much clearer and sound is simply roaring.
    But I'll give it a few more days...

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  7. I also have them on my 51 pbass reissue. I didn't get the sitar G string until after I removed them to swap out a pickup. Once reinstalled the sitar noise was there. Swapped them onto my jazz bass and the same thing. G string sitar. I didn't contact La bella, maybe I should have. I just ordered another set. I find with my pbass the G string always gets pulled really tight and starts to undo the winding. Is there any way to avoid this?

    I must say these strings are worth the hassle because I've spent tons of cash on flats and these ones new or worn in just have a feel and tone that sets them apart from the other. Just the feel alone had me sold.
  8. Monkey

    Monkey Supporting Member

    Mar 8, 2000
    Ohio, USA
    I agree. I've been reluctant to go back to LaBella after an experience I had many years ago. I had a Steinberger Spirit 5-string fretless that sounded pretty good, but double-ball flatwound string choices were limited. I bought a LaBella set and the G broke around the 2nd fret position. There was no problem with the bass. I contacted them and they quickly sent me another G string, which quickly broke in the same place. They sent me a third, which also broke quickly. I contacted them again and they stopped responding. I gave up and went with another brand and never had a problem.

    The company was responsive at first, but then let me go. I had no problem before or after on that bass. I had used LaBella before and once after (low-tension flats) on other basses and the strings were fine, so I think my experience was not common. Still makes me a bit gun-shy to go back.
  9. Got two sets in a row with a defective impossible to intonate E string.
    Never bought Labellas ever again.
  10. bassdude51

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    Nov 1, 2008
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    Sorry for your negative experiences with LaBellas!

    I think that the key to LaBellas sounding good is 5 years or more of chicken grease fingers, potato chips oil and salt, BBQ pork greasy hands, natural human oil, dirt and other "nasties". After that, they sound great!

    Or, buy a set of TI Flats.
  11. sam91


    Jun 23, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    Completely agree with you! Now that I have a fully functioning set they sound amazing...but it was not easy getting there :laugh:
    If I'll want flats on any of my other basses I'll probably try out the Dunlops or DRs. Cheers!
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