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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Count Bassie, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Not selling. I played it yesterday at two gigs, old-timey funk/pop, reggae, mash-up and ska... and for the cheap money I'm selling it I think I'm making an error here. I may soon find myself the called most tedious member of the Talkbass community, but for $150 and the loss of such a good player I'm not going to try and save my face!

    My apologies...

    [DEL] for sale for $150. I'm making a move to solve a chronic tendinitis issue and my mode of playing music is going to change somewhat. This is a Mutt P-Bass, Mahogany body and Squire 'A'-type neck (narrow at the bridge, like a J-Bass). The thing plays beautifully, NO ISSUES AT ALL. The p'up is an old Duncan I believe, and it's strung with Thomastik Jazz-Flats. The strap-buttons have been re-arranged to accommodate my personal preference. She's got Dunlop Strap-Locks on.

    The pickguard is actually a 3-ply Fender guard I painted with Rustoleum (for plastic) and put a clear finish coat over. The bridge, under the "ash-tray", is a standard Fender type, stamped steel. She'll come in a beat-but-still-good Fender hard shell case.[/DEL]



    [DEL]It's been my best gig bass. It's been to Hell and back, has some scars and stories. Price is firm. I know, it's another P-Bass. But it's not a Squire per se, and it's got tone and feel that I'll submit may rival whatever you might want to bring to A/B 'er with. If you're in the New England area, come see- if you need a bass to haul around to gigs and feel very good about, you may be looking at your next love-affair. I'll miss it.

    More pix for the asking.[/DEL]
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    Cool bass for a buck fitty.
  3. Thanks. It's got a couple stray holes, some wear and mild abuse- not a show piece. But definitely a player... and still none the worse for wear.
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    very cool!!!!!
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  6. Tempting to pull it off the classifieds... but I have a cause, and am hoping it's worth it! Hit me-- before I change___ my mind... (JC Superstar moment...)
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