My FBB (under construction)

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  1. I know I keep posting pics of it all over the place, but I'd like to get people's opinions of my in-progress FBB custom 5.


    (The picture is just a mock-up: the body wings have not been glued to the neck yet, and obviously the body contouring and carving hasn't been done, let alone the pickup routing.)

    The body wings consist of a walnut back and ribbon stripe bubinga top (the top will look better under finish). The neck is maple with bubinga strings, and the fingerboard is bubinga; I'm a bubinga whore :D

    Neck specs are as follows: 34" scale; 24 frets; 1.75" nut width; 3" string spacing at the bridge; 0.90" thickness (Warwick-style); 16" fingerboard radius; Warwick-esque "D" profile

    For electronics, it will have a pair of Bartolini 72M55C soapbars in the "turbo" configuration, a la the Modulus SST or the Warwick Thumb 6, and an NTBT preamp with concentric knobs. In the hardware department, it'll have an ABM quickload bridge, Gotoh tuners, and Schaller straplocks.

    I like how it's turning out--it has a real Rob Allen-meets-Warwick-meets-Ken Smith look to it.
  2. Nice... very nice indeed.. :D

    specially the small headstock and round horns are a lust for the eye.. :eek: :D :cool:
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    That's way too pretty for somebody to leave layin on the floor. :eek:
  4. yeah.. makes you want to jump on it and start hompin' :D
  5. Hey when did you put in the order for that thing and what's the estimated completion date?
  6. I put in the order in late September. Owing to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Mr. Schmill says early January is looking likely.
  7. Looks cool! I bought one of Matt's early basses (#002-97) and he's a real class act who really knows how to work with that stuff. I can only assume that he's improved even more.
  8. Yeah I have two FBB's myself and I'm still lusting for more.

    Dang GAS.
  9. Schmill said he did the headstock today. I asked him for something vaguely resembling a Yamaha TRB5 peghead, but nice and small to balance with the relatively small Jive/Player-hybrid body.

    On another note: what do FBB owners use for cases, since every bass is different? Mr. Schmill suggested that I use a Kaces gigbag. I'd like to have some hardshell protection for my baby--should I have a case custom fitted? I gather that my bass won't fit in an SKB or TKL.
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  11. Oh, the 3" figure is for total spacing. There'll be 0.75" between each string.
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    Mar 27, 2001
    Houston, Texas
    Ohhhhhh, thanks for the clear-up.
  13. My fretless fits in an SKB case I have. The fretted has a really long upper horn so it was problematic. I got a cheapo case from MusiciansFriend that I had to alter a bit to fit the bass inside, but it suffices. Depending on the length of the upper horn, I'd recommend the SKB, which has what looks like a P-bass cutout, but fits both my FBB and my Tobias. The MF case is not a molded shape inside, so you if you got something similar, you might have to sock the bass in with some extra padding; towels, foam padding, whatever.