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    Oct 11, 2013
    I have a specific issue. I also only play an unlined fretless so please keep that in mind when you read about the issue below.

    My fingers tend to be on the longish side so I adapted OFPF generally early inmy playing as it was the most comfortable with the exception of 1st and 2nd positions and octaves up to about the 6th position.

    However over time, my left hand has stretched noticeably (the left hand pinky to index span is now a little over an inch wider the span on my right). So I can now play every position comfortably OFPF and only I do index pinky for octaves.

    Recently, while playing octaves in the lower positions, I noticed that I have to curl my my pinky back back towards the headstock to hit the octave, even in 1st position, but I have to stretch the ring to get there which moves the index slightly sharp. For the song, I Will Survive, by Cake, I had always played 124 for the octaves. I am noticing my octaves getting more sharp as my hand now prefers to be in a more opened up position. The ring tends to be flat and has less laterally mobility (Since the physical distance from F on the E string to the f on the D string is longer than F to G on the E string).

    My pinky is fairly strong so I am not trying to avoid playing with it. In fact I would guess I use it as much as my index since I actively avoid playing open strings as much as possible (other than ghost notes). I would like to get to the point of playing OFPF for all octaves to match up the rest.

    Has anyone experienced this and what did you to correct the issue?

    Thanks in advance.
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