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My first Bass Creation

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by DaveCustomMade, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I hope it is alright to post this here, and if not, feel free to delete it. :)

    I'm very new to this forum and didn't know about this particular section of it until now. I suppose I'm a bit of an amatuer Luthier then?

    Anyway, I created my first custom made [mostly] recently. A 5 string fretless using a neck from Warmoth [because I didn't have the expertise in neck building]. The hardware was pruchased from them too. The pickup and preamp is Bartolini.

    Link to the page that talks about it:

    David Creations Custom Bass Page

    The wood [Birdeye Maple with a Bolivian Rosewood inlay] was purchased at OP Hardwoods, a place that Mr. Conklin knows well. ;)

    I'm currently working on a "makeover" of my old Peavey, changing it from a more traditional 'rock-n-roll' guitar to a natural wood finish. That page is on the site above, off of the main page.

    I hope to make good use of the expertise on this forum. The names under the title, Luthier's Corner, are the best of the best in guitar creations, and I'm humbled to be coming before such an exemplary panel! :)
  2. Looks awesome, good work!
  3. rdhbass


    Jun 28, 2003
    Springfield, mo
    Cool Dave. I live in Springfield, Mo too and just bought a maple board at OP hardwoods to make myself a tilt headstock, 5 string neck. I just need to find access to a table saw thats all! I know how to cut the scarf joint and do all calculation, it's just finding the time and the tools. I am an aspiring tinkerer/luthier and never took on completely building one, (you almost did, 'cept for neck), but I plan on it sometime. Altering present basses is something that I do too but it sounds like you are using spanish cedar? to alter a Peavey Acelerator? wow, hope it works well for you man, later. Drop me an "e" sometime and we can discuss projects and creations.
    Rob Henderson
  4. Had I done the neck as well, on the fretless project, it would have never been completed, or it would have looked miserable! I was well aware of my inadequacies in the neck department, which is why I opted for the wiser choice of having a professional do it, aka Warmoth.com. The rest of the project was about as close to a nightmare as is consciously possible. MANY times I almost chucked the piece of wood in the garbage, like when the router caught on some grain, jumped, and took out more than I was wanting. Fortunately, and with the grace of God, it managed to turn out far better than I expected. :)

    Thumbs up to you, or anyone, who has the skill to do neck work. I have the same delema as you. No tools or a place to work. I had to ask a close friend if we could use his dad's workshop, as I will have to do with the Peavey makeover.

    And about that makeover, yes I decided on a 'not so good' choice of wood for the top, Spanish Cedar. Most of the Spanish Cedar boards at the OP [and other types I looked at] didn't have the character that this piece of wood did. I'll just have to be extra careful with it, as I try to be anyway. I'll have to fortify the insides currently hollowed out being that it is a pickguard clad body. Since the finished look will be 'pickguardless', the pots will actually be attached to the top [fortifying will be needed there], and the back of the guitar will see the addition of an electronics cover. The body will be slightly altered, as will the head stalk [which will also have a thin piece of the Spanish Cedar on the head face]. It won't look like a Peavey Accelorator with the project is completed. Honestly, I'll be delighted. Never planned on selling it anyway. :smug:
  5. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    I think the neck is the easy part!
    When you start yodeling around the body, and have to fit it to the neck, and make it look nice, and make room for electronics, and bridge and tuners (I do NOT endulge in other than headless), and then trying to figure out the resonance and then.....

    I have to figure out how to make a neck into a complete bass... :meh:
  6. pilotjones

    pilotjones Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2001
    Here's one way:
  7. rdhbass


    Jun 28, 2003
    Springfield, mo
    Good picture Pilot jones.. hehe. That pic reminds me of a dude I once knew who didn't have a guitar handy (he was also sorta a poor bum) so he went into a parts bin and bolted an old guitar neck onto a piece of board and made a "bigsby" sorta bridge out of a piece of steel and a nail, (he had some pickups I guess) and elevated everything on the board with shimmies to compensate for no neck pocket. Looked like a "bo-diddley" style guitar from hell. He said it didn't play too bad and he jammed all night long. Sad thing is, he got arrested later that night by police for public drunkedness and went to jail. Who knows what happened to him or that damn guitar he made..
  8. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Hm, that's an interesting idea.... Might need some imitation, too....


    Peter Pilot, you're a reliable guy! :D