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My first concert; I saw primus.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Brilliant Fool, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. So... I just saw primus.

    It's 3:45 AM and I'm still... excited.

    I wrote about it in my deadjournal, make fun of the fact that I have it if you will ;), and it pretty much sums up the night

    So... who else has seen them on the tour-de-froumage?

    Opinions, comments, cheese?

    :) thanks for reading.

    -Dante, the brilliant fool
  2. i went and saw alex lloyd and that was cool, i yelled out 'play what a year' and he did!

    somehow i think your story is better than mine
  3. Yours made me smile though.

  4. I was also at the State Theater last night, great show!
  5. Were you on the main floor?

    Perhaps you saw the smallish blonde kid in a bright orange shirt pushing through the crowds, trying not to aggrivate large people?


    Yes, this is me at 5:30 going on zero hours of sleep.
  6. cheezewiz


    Mar 27, 2002
    I hope you didnt' take your mom's kitchen knife with you.
  7. Joe Turski

    Joe Turski

    Jul 29, 2003

    Cool first show.....#$%^ing redneck!! :p

    Glad you had a good time! I'm going to see them on the 17th of Nov. So I have no review yet......yet! But I will, I'll even post some pictures of the show. I'll be backstage so I'll have my camera. They took your camera? Bummer!

    Swiss cheese for me please!
  8. Well I figure Carl has Les' basses under control.

    Perhaps he's interested in having his bridge lowered as well... nah. :D

    My knives, I purchased them. I used the bass-knife to cut a sirloin a couple nights ago; it still works. Tough knife, eh?
  9. I hope you enjoy it.

    I negotiated with the frisker, he just took the batteries.

    Who cares, my memories are way better than pictures... Until I forget them. :rolleyes:
  10. dude!, I really enjoyed reading your story! It was like being there...

    I was an "ok" bassist untill I discovered Primus, now I am complete. :)

    *surfer dude voice on*
    Yey, Primus ...yay, yay! Primus, wow, yay, yay, Primus yay!
    *surfer dude voice off*

  11. Thanks... I think?
  12. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    Ok, my moms driving me, Tyler Hole, and 2 other friends about 3 hours to see Primus.
    We all finally go there after a not being able to find the venue. We weren't really frisked at the door that much at all, just a pat down.
    We got in, and looked at the shirts and stuff for a few minutes, and what do you know?The first person that talks to us in the middle of the enterance from the merchandise to the main part, asks us if we have any ACID :p :rolleyes:. Anyway, my friend(s)snuck a joint in his sock :D :rolleyes:. And was scared that they would catch it. But if you read the quote in my profile, I don't think that Les cared, lol!!
    They played this trippy intro music for about 10 minutes, and then they came out and played:
    Nature boy. Which was awsome, then Pudding time.
    He stepped up and said, "Hello," and some other stuff, then played Del Davis Tree Farm. Then played My friend fats, which was awsome!!
    The last song in the first set was Groundhog's day, I know that they are supposed to play 7, but we got 6. But we got something most people didn't either. The baracade broke right in the middle of the song, before the metalish part, and he kept playing the riff and asking us to move back. Then they did this 14 minute jam of Groundhog's Day, with solo's in all, and they ended it on the note that they were starting on to continue the song again. I was AMAZED!!
    Second Set:
    It was awsome seeing him with the double bass, and bow for Seas of Cheese. All the songs were amazing on that, I can't even tell all of you guy. Jerry was a racecar driver, Tommy the cat, Is it luck, Here come the bastards, Those Damn blue collared tweekers, Eleven, and every thing else rocked man.
    In the middle of Grandad's little ditty, someone flipped a security guard off, and Les was like, he's just doing his job man. The guy then flipps Les off, and he's like, I'm just doing my job. Les then says, "I don't go down to Polk Street and slap the dick out of your mouth to keep you from doing your job!!". That was funny as hell there.
    Pilcher's Squad

    The whole show blew me away and made me think about how I look at bass. And it made me look at it differently too. It also made me appreciate Primus SOOOOOOOOOOO much more, just seeing them play those solo's and make it look just like nothing.
    Primus sucks!
  13. Nope, I bought my tickets over the internet with the understanding that they were main floor general admission. But, when I got them they were balcony. We were on the upper balcony, in the first row above the isle, on Les' side of the stage. They were really awesome seats though. Some morons kept trying to snake a good spot by standing in the isle and blocking our view untill security cleared 'em out.
  14. PRIMUS SUCKS!!!!!!!

    The way we ended up finding the place was Stephen's mom stopped and looked on a map at a gas station. There were also 2 other guys there trying to find the place so they followed us there. Then Stephen's mom was talking to them before the show and found out they where from San Luis Obispo too! Was some crazy stuff. Great concert, gotta see em many more times for sure!

    PRIMUS SUCKS!!!!!!!
  15. when i went to see the frog brigade a while ago, i was wearing a shirt that read "charlie tuna" with a picture of the tuna-company spokes-fish.
    when i was up in the front row, les looked at me, pointed, and cried into the mic "well hey there charlie tuna!"
    it was incredible.

    i'm seeing primus in boston next week. the venue stinks (all assigned seating, and balcony seats for me:(.) oh well. i think i got all my pit-aggression out on friday, when i saw morbid angel and superjoint ritual:D. but that's a whole 'nother story.
  16. That made my day. :D
  17. That's where our, my girlfriend and my, original seats were... were you next to the talkitave redneck-ish fellow with a large beard?

    Perhaps with two teenagers behind you, one of which kept coming and going?

    Maybe you were the 'fat drunks' that my girlfriend was complaining about. ;)
  18. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    Yeah man. We had a really unique, crazy show there. Because the baracade broke. It was actually kind of crazy at some points. ;) :D
  19. aah, this brings back memories. the first BIG concert i went to was primus, about ten years ago, new years eve. mr bungle and the melvins opened. absolutely amazing show. i got beat up by a naked girl. bob cock went flying through the air. les had a crazy viking helmet. patton (of bungle) urinated everywhere. the melvins scared the pants off people.
    that's enough fragment sentence's for the day.
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