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My first design

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by tZer, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Hey gang;

    I just received my book, "Make your own electric guitar" by M. Hiscock - started penciling up a design based on bass designs I am fond of - Rickenbacker/Fender J/Fodera - hopped into photoshop and got carried away.

    This is the design I came up with. I like it and I am interested in the forum's opinons.


    Just in case that thumbnail and image do not work here is a direct link to the pic.

    Z-Bass - My first whack at a design

  2. NamelessOne


    Mar 9, 2006
    Calgary, AB
    looks pretty good... the neck connection bit looks a little off, but you probably need to move the line less than a centimeter. try to make an imaginary line with a matching curve through the neck. horns look great, and i really hope you're going to make this a neck-through (you'd have a hard time getting the neck joint right if not). maybe a center lam of flame maple in the neck, show it off under the strings... pretty good PS job, but i'd say to draw it out fullsize before you start getting the parts, if you're going to build it. things look different fullsize. look at the negative space. also, try to imagine it with a pair of eyes. because it you don't, and it looks like an ailien head, someone will post a photoshop if it with eyes when you finish building it, and you'll never be able to look at it with a straigt face again.

    reminds me, i need to stop being lazy and get my design up here.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! After I penciled this one up I could not resist the photoshop exercise. I got pretty carried away trying to make it look like a finished product. But all in all, that is the general idea - the shape, the woods, colors, etc.

    Thanks again for the tips! I am going to keep evolving this and I hope to make it real someday soon. I have a gigantic sheet of cardboard for mocking up a full scale conceptual piece.


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