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My first Earth Day

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Wesley R, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Blowing out of school to pick up a little roadside trash, then running over to the keyboardists house for some jamming. Later a little wine and some chicks. Darned good Eath Day.

    Happy Earth Day,
    Wesley R.
  2. Vorago

    Vorago (((o)))

    Jul 17, 2003
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Earth Day? Never heard of that before. Is it an international thing or something you invented? ;)
  3. No, it's a "Hallmark Holiday." So go out and buy a bunch of greeting cards that say "Happy Earth Day!" and then throw them in the trash later.

    I remember playing an "Earth Day Festival" somewhere around 92 or so. The organizers promised our band $400 or something, free food, beer, gazillions of people. This was going to be a big deal, so it wasn't bad that it was at a college like 2 hours away. We get there, and there's no-one around. Nobody. We find where we're supposed to go- and find one of the organizer guys- all the food vendors had backed out, most of the bands backed out- most of the students of the school were gone, not in the dorms. Of course he was really upbeat about it. We were supposed to play at 9ish, and it was around 5. We were going to split, but we felt bad for the guy, besides, we'd just driven 2 hours- so we "offered" to go on first. There were 5 people in this huge auditorium. The organizer guy (I guess another organizer guy bailed too), the next band- two guys, and 2 friends of theirs. We got done playing a hella show- man we rocked the hell outta that empty room! We stuck around for a few minutes to see the next "band" of two guys in trenchcoats, poofy shirts, poofy Duran Duran hair and a Cascio keyboard with a mic on it. They were embarrassingly bad.

    That's what Earth Day means to me. :p
  4. Hmmm. Well, it's more than it means to me. (clever readers will recognize that my poor attitude is probably why The Golden Boy played to an empty auditorium).

  5. Oh, wait... I get it. You were having a "mike_v_s day" party and stole our audience!

    Just knowing what I know of you from here... I'd rather go to the "mike_v_s day" party too. Least you could have done is asked us to play and not share a bill with the poofy haired poofy shirted trenchcoat twins.

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