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My first encounter with a fully carved bass...

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by s7on3d, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. s7on3d


    Jun 26, 2002
    Ra'anana, Israel
    This past thursday, I had a lesson with my teacher at the Mann Auditiorium (Israel's only concert hall, which happens to have breathtakling acoustics) and for the first time, instead of having a lesson in the rehersal/dressing rooms backstage, the main stage was free, so we took advantage of the opertunity and took over the stage.

    As we step onto the stage, I see my teacher's preformance bass, an early 1800's fully carved German bass. It has a beautiful dark finish and weighs a ton!

    *Please note that all the playing was arco and not pizz.

    So I got up on the stage, and we started the lesson. I immdeiately noticed that it was much harder to play (just to get a simple sound out of the strings) and that the sound was quite dark and powerful. After a few minutes of playing, I got a bit more used the feel of the bass and I found it easier to get my finges to land in the right spots and be in tune than normal. It was almost like the bass wanted me to play in tune and all I had to do was flow with it. By the end of the lesson, I was getting a truely beautiful sound out of the bass, and it was truely moving and inspiring... It was nice to hear the maximum possible sound that the DB can produce.

    So how were your first encounters? Please tell....
  2. I remember when I used to play a plywood bass; I'd pick up my teacher's ancient bass and it would practicly play itself. It was like "wow, I don't have to fight the instrument"... You can focus on actually playing the music and not sruggling to yank a decent sound out of the instrument. Now try playing an awesome bass with a really good bow; that'll open your eyes too. The next thing you know you'll be begging the credit union for a loan... ;)

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