My first pay gig..

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  1. Preface: I'm 14 and I've been playing bass for 3 years.

    Yesterday I had my first "pay gig." Basically I played a bunch of 50's music for a 50th high school reunion. I screwed up somewhat, but I was solid. Hey, I got 25 bucks, which to some of you is chump change, but it's a start.

    Well, my first "pay gig" was this past tuesday actually, 17.50 for backing up my mom's violin students (but yesterday was diff.)

    I was solid, although I screwed up here or there since I'm not used to that brand of music.
  2. Good job.
  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of musical prostitution. :D :D

    It sure beats the alternative though, IMHO. ;)
  4. Tis true. Play to get paid, then you can do what you enjoy.
  5. I got $10 to have my band play at a Howard Johnson for some elderley group.
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    Jul 7, 2000
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    hey $25 is nothin to scoff at, I've done stuff where the band has gotten $50 for playing a 3-4 hour gig.
  7. My first paid gig I made enough for a 6-pack and a pack of smokes.($15) I swore the next gig I did I would make enough for a 12'er. ;) Gotta start somewhere I s'pose.
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    Nov 28, 2003
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    My first paid gig was at an Elk's Lodge. We were a 6 piece and did covers of just about every style you can imagine there. The money was not bad, actually, about $100 apiece, but we did have to travel a couple hours for it.

    The best part was late in our show when the sax player decided to tell a joke ("what do you call a lesbian dinasoar? a LickaLotapus"). The room went dead silent. Good times...