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My first V-Bass mp3

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bassmonkeee, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA

    It's about 3.2meg. I'll leave it up until I get something better.

    I picked up a new V-Bass last night at Mars, and this is the first thing I've recorded with it (be kind).

    I hooked the V-Bass up to my Tascam 788 with two XLR cables in stereo. I also had a mono out running to my Boomerang Phrase Sampler.

    The bass line was a preset Acoustic Bass patch (I understand these are much better if you tweak them). I played a simple I-IV-V walking line, and looped it.

    The other line is a preset Pipe Organ patch in stereo. I think I'm going to tweak it so the expression pedal controls the rate of the vibrato (right now, it controls the volume). At the end, I switched back to the Acoustic Bass setting in real time, just to see if I could do it. I could. :D

    Just one quick take to get something recorded.

    I had the signal running a little hot from the V-Bass, so it's a little dirtier than it could have been. If I take a little more time, I should be able to get a cleaner signal to disc.

    The tracking is great on most of the patches--I didn't really have to think about dealing with any lag, which was nice.

    I think I'm going to work on a setting where I can have the bass signal only for the bottom two strings, and have the organ for the top three.

    This is a pretty basic mp3, but it certainly gets me excited about the possibilities of this thing.

    Any tips from people who've had this thing for a while? I'm started looking at the manual (past the installation, and set up part--read that before I mounted the pickup), but I've mostly been futzing my way through the various menus. I know I haven't even cracked the surface yet.

    I strongly encourage everyone to go to their local Mars, and pick this thing up for cheaper than you'll be able to get one new anywhere else.
  2. Stachio

    Stachio Supporting Member

    Jan 29, 2002
    oooo...I think the organ patch could keep me going for a while.
    The acoustic patch does seem like it needs some tweaking :D

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