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    I'm mostly a J-bass player (neck width and upper register access) but every once in awhile, in usually an R&B jam or session, I love to bring out a Precision. Many years ago, the Fender Custom Shop had a '59 Precision, which had an early 3-tone-sunburst but still a gold anodized guard (pre Tortoise shell) and the new (for Fender) rosewood bass necks. I always loved that combo and I actually owned (and then sold) one of those Custom Shop '59 Precisions...don't get me started on the basses I wish I could have back!

    So a couple of years ago I thought I would try and recreate that bass using the American Vintage 58 PBass body and a 63 Pbass neck. I watched for some time to find a lightweight offering of both (thank you Stratosphere) and eventually put together one of my favourite versions of the Precision.

    The '58 AV Body comes with the raised A-pole, which sounds amazing (I have one of the "Roasted" 58 Precisions) but aesthetically it is not my favourite, so I ordered some amazing '59 pickups from Joe Klein(these guys are THE best) and everything sound-wise had been amazing.

    But a few weeks ago, I pulled out this 59 Franken P for a session and I was surprised how really uncomfortable my hands were on the 1.75" neck. (And I started on P-Bass necks!) So...solution...let's put a J-neck on this P-bass. Again, Stratosphere (no affiliation) had a new 60s Classic Lacquer neck for sale. Perfect fit, feels great. And it looks even better than the AV '63 neck (though the 63 neck does have thoselovely brown-ish dot markers!)

    And so behold my newer-ish '59 FrankenFender....

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    beautiful! nice job!

    good things come to those who can wait! :thumbsup: