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my friend in Montana...

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by lermgalieu, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. I have a friend who lives in Livingston Montana, which is very close to Bozeman. Two things:

    1) The local store there has a Strudel (Czech) new plywood bass for around$2000. I gave him a few places to call and comparison shop and see what else is out there (his spending limit is $2000). Anyone know anything about the quality of the Strudel? He'll be using it for Bluegrass, Jazz, and possibly some rock type stuff.

    2) Anyone know of a good luthier in that area?


    --> Lawrence
  2. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    Unless he's eating it, you probably mean Strunal, not Strudel ;o) These seem to be about the best new plywoods out there, a guy in Tulsa has one and it plays like a dream, and sounds decent enough for a new plywood. My .02
  3. Lance Jaegan

    Lance Jaegan

    Dec 23, 2000
    I recently entered into the world of the double bass with a Strunal czech bass of my own, and I must say I am quite pleased with it. It plays quite well, and sounds quite well also, due to the addition of Obligato strings. It's a bit dark on pizz, but has quite a growl played arco. The bridge they come with isn't too hot, and I've heard some doubts about the quality of the soundpost too. Another niggle is the fingerboard. Because ebony is becoming very expensive now, any lower end newer bass will have a lower grade of ebony for the fingerboard, but the fingerboard on it will last for a few years in the least. One final note, they're quite 'shiny' although I hear that there are some with a matte finish, rather than a gloss.
  4. Excellent. Thanks guys. Ya know, I asked him if he meant Strunal and he said no, Strudel, but maybe he just heard it wrong from the guy at the shop. Thanks for your replies.
  5. rablack


    Mar 9, 2000
    Houston, Texas
    I'll chime in. I have a Strunal 5-35 which is ply back and sides carved top. It is very shiny and I replaced the bridge, soundpost and fingerboard (the original was way too scooped and too thin to plane) the stock strings are bad. That being said, it plays well and sounds good. $2000 sounds a bit steep though. Ed Fuqua has seen Strunals in NYC for much less.

    On the other hand if it is a Strudel it's either way over-priced or one heck of a huge pastry. Want some coffee with that?
  6. I told him to call Lemur and get their price...
  7. mchildree

    mchildree Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2000
    If he's in the market for an all-plywood, tell him to check Stringbass.com for their prices on Strunals. I recently got one with ebony fittings for around $1300, which included shipping charges from NJ to GA. I was pretty happy with their service. They've got the carved top, ply back-n-sides models too.

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