My Girlfriend's Hot-Rod

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  1. Ho-hum, just another P-bass...NOT.

    This P-bass Jr. has some nice extras that give it some balls & teeth: Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders & a pull-slap-contour pot; the control knob is her birthstone. In fact, this little monster would be a second back-up instrument for me in a worst-case scenario. It sure is fun to fly on, when the mood strikes, but it's her's to learn & play, so that I may be freed from my 34"-scale instruments for occasional keyboard or rhythm-guitar work. The size of the bass goes well with her diminutive frame, and I'm sure that the day will come where she will be able to play it while singing (and you should hear her sing--wooo!). Meanwhile, a few smaller-handed players out there might consider doing something similar after taking a look.
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    Please post a bigger pic! I can't see a thing!
  3. Click on the thumbail for a bit of enlargement. Most of the custom touches are "under the hood," so to speak; the only ones really visible would be the larger pole-pieces on the pickups and the control knob. I therefore saw no need to overuse my attatchments allotment.