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  1. this is the story:
    I play in a band ( ) and play around 3 times per month, and my bass of choice (a epi thunderbird IV) was getting her bridge re-done (i play with a slightly bigger string tension becouse i play in C with B strings) so i had to miss my baby for a few weeks because our tech here is very very good but a bit slow.... so it was time to look for a good backup bass... the internet search started.

    i like old stuff, i also play a fender 300ps for instance, and the epi looks vintage too! and there is was... a 1980 passive Ibanez Musician bass fretted.... it's heavy, strong, all i wanted...

    but i bought it for backup... played it for one practice to break in the strings, and after that night i never played my epi again.... its that good!

    I love my Ibanez!

    any more passive ibanez musician lovers around here?

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  2. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    I've got an 81 MC824. Awesome!. I always wanted one when I they were new, but didn't have the $. Got this one earlier this year, and she looks almost new. Great tone, feel, balance and elegant good looks.