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my music teacher just asked me to start a band with him

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by kirbywrx, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    My 43 year old music teacher approached me today, and asked me if i wanted to start a band. 'young phil, i think its time you and your fellow comrades widen your musical horizons' he explained. he has never had a year level where the drummer, bass player and guitarist actually know what they're doing, or so he says :D.

    anyway he is a keyboarder, and he wants to start an acid jazz band. ive always liked jazz/funk and that groovy kinda stuff, but never actually sat down and listened to it or contemplated playing it! Its going to be a good thing to learn differnt to what i normally play. I have never really played music where the bass and drums are this tight and lock in so well.

    He doesnt want to tour the world, just reherse a few lunch times, and mabye put on a show in front of the school, and if we get a good reply, then record a few bits and try and get somewhere.

    this man is an incredible, and i would be honored (sp?) to play with him. it will make me a better musician all round, and just open both my eyes and ears to the music world oputside of metal. i cant believe that ive been asked to jam with a professional at age 17 after playing for 4 years. the guitarist and drummer are my best mates, so its going to be cool! Its rather good timing, my drummer freind has jsut got his Sonor Delite kit, the guitar just got he's ESP LTD EC-1000, and i just got my TRB.

    he gave me a cd to listen to and play with. its a fellow australian band called dig deeper, and the album is called directions in groove. i went and jammed along to this CD and i learnt more in the last 30 minutes than i have in the last 6 weeks.

    Anyway i just thought id share, and can anyone give me some recomendations on what to start listening to? i know the jazz genre is pretty much never endless, but what is a good place to start?


  2. awesome... I am a huge acid jazz fan. Some bands to check out for this kind of sound are the Brand New Heavies, Groove Collective, Incognito, and Jamiroquai. I also picked up a CD called "The Best of Acid Jazz, Volume II". It is FANTASTIC... see if you can get a copy of it, I got mine used off of Amazon for like 7 dollars.
  3. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    When I was at school, I used to do gigs with my music teacher. He was insane, eccentric at best, but a brilliant trumpet player. Whenever his bass player couldn't make it, I'd stand in. It was an "oom Pahh" type band, everything in 2/4 and most of the stuff was in German. But hey, I can play Root-Fifth all night if the money is good enough, and it was :) I bought my first decent bass with that money.......
  4. that sounds like a good gig man.

    when i was doing a music course in college we had to form groups and put on a half hour show. i ended up in a group with an AMAZING jazz drummer, a spanish guitarist, and my music teacher on keyboard. and he was s**t hot. me and the other musician were around 17/18, but he was about 40. we ended up doing a set of what i can only describe as funky/jazzy elevator music. we all wanted to keep the band going as we all jammed really well together, but good keyboard players are scarce round here, and he was already in too many groups, so it didn't work out.

  5. unharmed

    unharmed Iron Fishes

    May 19, 2003
    London, England
    That's fantastic, Kirbs! I hope it goes well. Incidentally, I think it's the band that's called Directions in Groove and the album is Dig Deeper. They're very cool. One of my friends at high school was very into them so I got some copies of their stuff.
    Let us know when you start gigging with your new band! :D
  6. Slot


    Oct 17, 2003
    Sydney - The Shire
    If you like D.I.G, check out that rhythm sections new band "Multiball". Its pretty tidy stuff, just a bunch of acid/lounge/retro vamps. Terapai is without doubt my fav aussie drummer. He also drums for the whitlams and tina arena, but meh, they suck! That bassplayer, Sam Dixon has also sat in for jamiroquai i believe, listen to him, he's the shiz.

    btw good stuff man, sounds fun. Ive been dieing to start an acid/vamp band for ages, but the jazzers i play with always farg it up by wanting to solo all the time rather than lay sweet sounding chord pads. Fargin keyboardists, they've always gotta be the centre of attention:p I just wanna meet a keyboardist that understands the concept of sounds and textures, rather than "look at me, look how fast i can play over these changes"....do they exist?!
  7. There's a band thats hmm okay. The bass is awesome though. The guy must be heaps famous.

    check out Dephiler Kirbs. :p



  8. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    I think the Miles Davis CD Pangea might be something you would like to hear. I'm not sure if that's quite what you're getting into or not. I borrowed that CD from our county library and WOW, i was blown away. 2 tracks on the CD and groove for days.

    That's all
  9. Good on ya Kirbs, even if ya did beat us in the World Cup semis..:D Check out a NY band called Red Snapper, wonderful grooves. They've got 4 or 5 CDs out.

  10. Nice one.....go for it! If nothing else, you'll be having fun with your mates, and learning a whole load of useful things - and who knows where it could take you!
  11. raised_fist

    raised_fist Guest

    Dec 16, 2002
    Sam Dixon? A brilliant bassist who just recorded with Delta Goodrem.. go us Aussies!
    Do you know of any other recordings, or bands that he has been in that I could check out?
  12. Slot


    Oct 17, 2003
    Sydney - The Shire
    My favourite Sam Dixon stuff is with Multiball. If you can pick up a copy of their self titled CD, its well worth it. Its choc full of summer vibed breaks, i reckon its tidy. Awesome beer drinking music.

    He also features pretty heavily on pnau's new CD. I havent heard it yet, but from all reports, its pretty slick.

    But pretty much every aus produced dance track will have him on bass. He's the house music king. Even bardot used Sam.
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